Photoshoot Friday: June 5, 2013 (belated)

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Wallace Huo doesn’t do much  more than shave in this recent photo shoot of his, but you won’t hear me complaining. (Except that they should have taken more pictures).And as if he wasn’t enough testosterone, Tong Leung and Huang Xiaoming make an appearance too (although not together). Ni Ni reminds us again of her Flowers of War character with her crimped hair, and fellow Mou girl Zhang Ziyi shows off how elegant and poised she is. Meanwhile, Yang Mi is enjoying her summer and Zhang Xinyi shows us that she is just as fashionable before and after her marriage, and Pan Chen wins (hands down) as the most adorable child in this round up as she eats waffles. More beow the cut! Continue reading

Jane Zhang and Pan Chen believe it’s “Because of Love”

Jane also invited Pan Chen as a special guest performer for her Singapore concert

Pan Chen again demonstrated her piano skills from years of rigorous training in this second single Because of Love, a duet with her shijie and boss Jane Zhang Liangying. Because of Love was originally meant to be Pan Chen’s solo, however, after hearing the song Jane thought it would sound better as a duet. Pan Chen released her self titled album, which is also her first full length album, on August 28th.

Source: sina, fountainpark723

Going on Vacation (Kind Of)

Li Yuanxi, Pan Chen and Liu Xijun in China's coastal city Sanya

This week I’ll be in and out, intermittently, and idarklight will be going to China soon as well for a month. Even when she’s  not posting, she does a lot of stuff behind the scenes so don’t be surprised if the site falls into the crapper when she’s gone.

However idarklight will still be posting some things before she’s gone, including the big Chinese ethnic minorities in Chinese entertainment post (including Han Geng) so please be on the lookout for it. Otherwise, just talk amongst yourself and keep everything civil.

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Jane Zhang’s new song and random news

While Jane’s busy doing various things (she’s in Tokyo right now?), her company Show City Times is releasing its first album for Super Boy Wang Zhengliang late this month. Not a big fan of him, but he’s from our favorite Music Conservatory and has a good voice.

More interestingly, Super Girl Pan Chen is joining Show City soon. It’s uncertain she’ll sign a record or management contract, but at least we know she’s not in the girl group.

Yu Kewei was a little faster and signed record contracts with Rock Records this week. She was promised an album in 100 days, which means she’ll probably be the second 2009 Super Girl to release a new album. Listen to a new song by the first album releaser Zeng Yike here.

A day later, Li Yuchun also signed with Rock Records for releases outside of mainland. Does that make Yu Kewei her elder? Her latest album “Li Yuchun” will be released in Taiwan late this month. Her second self-composed/written/directed MV has also been released.

New eeMedia Family Winter MV being made

Like last year, eeMedia’s filming a year-end MV although this time it’s only with Yu Haoming, Wang Yuexin(!), Top Combine and Pan Chen and Pan Hongyue. But that doesn’t mean the behind the scenes pictures are any less fun to look at. I think I gained like five new ships. They even have me shipping Wang Yuexin/Pan Chen now. Madness. Sorry for the lack of Jin Ensheng and Zhang Yuan, hopefully other pictures will come out soon.

And slightly related if you want to watch:  Top Combine MV Teaser came out.

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More Music News and Announcements

Li Xijun and Yu Haoming on the set of Yu Haoming's new MV filming...not sure why, but they're so cute together

The bad news is that Xue Zhiqian‘s upcoming album is actually a compilation album. Which means Incomplete Song and My Athena are the only new tracks, whereas the 12 other tracks are old. But for him it’s probably better that he doesn’t put out all that effort into composing for an actual album.

Because there’s too many new releases and too much competition.

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