Qiong Yao Accuses Yu Zheng of Plagiarism

Qiong Yao vs. Yu Zheng

Qiong Yao vs. Yu Zheng

To no one’s surprise, producer-screenwriter Yu Zheng is being accused yet again of plagiarism. This time, the charge comes from well-known novelist Qiong Yao, who claims that his currently airing drama, Palace 3 (宫锁连城), copied her novel-turned-1993-series Plum Blossom Scar (梅花烙). The event then spurred on a number of accusations toward Yu Zheng for copying varying works, including by former scriptwriters.

Qiong Yao, whom readers may know best as the creator of Princess Returning Pearl/My Fair Princess (还珠格格), published an open letter to SARFT on Sina Weibo on Tuesday afternoon. In this lengthy indictment, she writes that she was preparing to remake Plum Blossom Scar, with an anticipated 2015 broadcast, only to discover that Palace 3 was a copy of her own story.

The similarities between the two series have not gone unnoticed by viewers. Even Palace 3 actress Shirley Dai commented that Yu Zheng’s work was born out of Plum Blossom Scar, a scandal that caused a fallout between Yu Zheng and Dai. Both plots involve a switcheroo of the two main characters as a result of a preference for boys, and a similar love triangle between the three leads, although Yu Zheng’s series branches away then by doing a remix of Painted Skin II by having the two lead females switch skins.

Qiong Yao claims that this incident has caused her to fall ill from anger and that she has stopped all work, including a screenplay for her own adaptation, for which she has already completed 25 episodes. Her daughter-in-law, who serves as the manager of Qiong Yao’s mainland-based production company New Image, contacted Hunan TV, the almost exclusive broadcaster of the company, to ask the channel to halt the broadcast of Palace 3, but it was to no avail.  Qiong Yao also asked her supporters to boycott Palace 3, in order to protest Yu Zheng’s lack of respect for copyright.

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Round up: What’s Yu Zheng up to?

Which drama does this still remind you off? This one? Or this one?

Quiz up (can someone make me a Chinese entertainment version?)! Which one of these is not a drama recently produced by Yu Zheng? Song in the CloudsPalace 3Return of the Condor Heroes 2014, or The Palace? Colorful stills are abound from each drama, and synopses for these can be found by following links to previous posts.

More than once he’s been called upon to “scat from the entertainment circle,” but Yu Zheng is still going strong: his upcoming dramas include Turnip 蔓蔓青萝, a story concerning the young lady Li Qingluo (“Green Carrot”). The daughter of a concubine, she and her mother are disdained by the rest of her high ranking family, and she rarely puts on make up or competes with her sisters for attention. Yet she is a talented zither player and a skilled cook, and when her mother is sick in bed one day, only she leaves to search for medicine. Disguised as a boy one day, she meets the “Five Princes of Feng City,” thus opening a tangled love story…

Also upcoming is his “sequel” to the Legend of Lü Zhen, Legend of Mingyue. (Looking forward to seeing Chen XIao in uniform? This is a Republican era piece). The drama series is based off of the novel The Last Prince, the love story of the “last prince” of the Qing dynasty. Yu Zheng also has plans to adapt the last series in the Condor Trilogy, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, to television sometime in the future.

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Palace: The Lost Daughter Releases Trailers

Welcome to the Forbidden City vintage-Addams-Family-style.

Yu Zheng has done it again, releasing a 14-minute trailer for the latest addition to his “Palace” series.  Palace: The Lost Daughter stars Yuan Shanshan, Yang Rong, Lu Yi, Dai Jiaoqian, as well as appearances from Madina Memet (New My Fair Princess fame) and Chen Xiao.  Ensuring that this latest addition will match up to the rest of the series, Yu Zheng has ensured this 45-episodedrama will include plenty of attempts at awe-inspiring but unrealistic fights and special effects as well as expanding what we can mix wuxia elements with.

However, SINCE it is a Yu Zheng drama you have to remember that there is a price to the prettiness and feats he can dish out.  Go in expecting plenty of birth secrets, flirting with the border of incest, OMG it’s raining flowers = romance, crying, screaming, squirming,  as well as Yu Zheng  catching onto the recent trend of darker characters.  I just want to send a psychiatrist back in time with a good load of Valium to help these poor souls.

The madness continues below the cut.
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The Many Faces of Chen Xiao


Yu Zheng seems to have a talent for finding and turning talented, but underrated, actors into overnight commercial successes. Whether it is due to his script or the chemistry between the leads, the popularity of Yu Zheng dramas seems to go hand-in-hand with the popularity of the lead couple. This is no different in his recent work; in The Legend of Lu Zhen 陆贞传奇, the cute onscreen interaction between Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying made this intrigue melodrama much more enjoyable.

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Palace III: releases stills


Could Yuan Shanshan finally be getting a real lead role? Or will she be edged out like in The Swordsman by another homosexual-turned-heterosexual relationship?

Following Palace I and II, Palace III: The phoenix returns/Lian Cheng tells of a (shock) birth mix-up that has the real princess (Yuan Shanshan) replaced with a commoner (Lu Yi) for inheritance reasons.    The new drama from Yu Zheng Workshops features Lu Yi, Yuan Shanshan, Yang Rong, Gao Yunxiang, Alyssa Chia, Dai Jiaoqian,  and Wang Lin.

More stills below the cut and here.
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