Jane Zhang unveils new songs at Beijing Concert


Accompanied by a group of all-American singers and two wigs, Jane Zhang, the dolphin princess of China and the mainland singer with the most Youtube views, held her first of a series of concerts in Beijing on the 6th. In addition to singing classics like Painted Heart, she also sang, for the first time, new songs from her upcoming album.

Children’s Eyes, one of her new songs:

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Chen Kun Photoshoot in Magazine iLook


Posting this because I’m biased towards him, because I feel bad for deciding to excise him out of my header, and because I love the first picture. As always, pics behind the cut, because the gallery doesn’t give you full size (unless someone can tell me how to work that) and summary of the article, where he talked about Painted Skin and his new series.

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Chen Kun’s Box Office Power

Painted Skin’s ten day mainland total box office reached 143 million yuan (21 million USD!!!). This follow’s Chen Kun “Playboy Cops” and the movie “The Knot” whose ten day box office box office total was 26 million yuan (4 million), another historical breakthrough. These show Chen Kun’s enormous box office draw.

Meanwhile, Chen Kun will return to television, in a challenging role that will require him to play one character from 18 years old to 90 years-old. Painted Skin, will be opening in Hong Kong this week, where it will be sure to draw impressive numbers, despite going up against Butterfly lovers, starring the extremely attractive cast of Wu Chun, Charlene Choi and Hu Ge.


PIctures from Officiel’s shoot with Painted Skin cast members Chen Kun and Zhou Xun.

Painted Skin Opens in China This Weekend

The newest big-name movie, featuring a cast of mainland A-listers including hottie Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, and Sun Li as well as Hong Kong favorite, Donnie Yen. The movie is one of many adaptations of “The Strange Tales of Liao Zhai” which features many supernatural stories, but is probably the highest budgeted one to-date. This, along with last week’s thriller, The Deserted Inn, marks two supernatural thrillers in a row for China, which may be unprecedented.

This film is also the first time former classmates, Chen Kun and Zhao Wei have acted together as an on-screen couple, hyped by some of the first movie stills released from the film. Vicky Zhao Wei has already been heavily praised for her acting in this film, giving an emotionally charged performance that just may be one of her best and a large step away from the tomboyish ‘Swallow” character that brought her international fame in Huang Zhu Ge Ge.