Movie Recap: Painted Skin II – The Resurrection, part two

This was so pretty I had to include it.

Look here for some golden stills from a scene that was cut from the movie (it’s the scene after young Princes Jing wakes up from her accident). Regardless of what you think of the movie’s plot and character development, there was an awful lot of eye-candy…

Anyway, Painted Skin II – the Resurrection, part two: 
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Movie Recap: Painted Skin II – The Resurrection, part one

Starring Zhou Xun as the fox demon Xiaowei, Zhao Wei as the Princess Jing, Chen Kun as General Huo Xin, Yang Mi as Qu’er (who I call Birdie), Feng Shaofeng as the demon exorcist, Chen Tingjia as the chieftess of the Tianlang Clan, and Fei Xiang as the Voldemort-With-A-Nose, Painted Skin II became the highest grossing domestic film in China with its release in the summer. I can’t screen cap the movie because the version I’m using is too low quality (I did watch it in HQ at the theater), so what pictures you find will be stills I find online. Part Two of the recap will be up next week.

The desert fox reawakens.

Five hundred years ago, a fox demon saved a mortal man’s life and thus broke the laws of the demon world. As punishment, she was trapped in an icy prison Continue reading