A “One Night Surprise” for Fan Bingbing


Fan Bingbing stars in the upcoming rom-com movie One Night Surprise. Directed by Eva Jin (Sophie’s Revenge). Fan Bingbing plays sheng nv Michelle, who decided to drink away her singleness on her birthday, only to find out a month later she’s pregnant! Who’s the baby daddy? Is it her handsome boss (Daniel Henney)? Is it the considerate Zhang Dongyu (Aarif Lee)? Or is it the young and slightly 二 Lin Zhibo (Jiang Jingfu)? Watch the funny trailer below and promo photos our three eye-candies below the cut.

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Eddie Peng and Bai Baihe for new movie Wedding Invitation

 photo 704_928482_612871_zps49a02184.jpg

“Love, don’t let go!”

Somehow 分手合约 (Agreement to Break-Up) was translated into Wedding Invitation. What a spoiler! But then again, who can blame the directors for wanting to give/imply a happy ending for Eddie Peng and Bai Baihe? Joining the two as supporting actors are Pace Wu and Jiang Jinfu. Bai Baihe’s stubborn female lead has been childhood sweethearts with Eddie Peng’s affectionate male lead for ten years now, struggling to continue doing the only thing they’ve learned how to in the past decade –  loving –  in the midst of the obstacles the grown up real world has thrown at them.

The movie comes out April 12. Look for stills under the cut, and watch the theme song below.

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Patricia Field becomes Stylist Consultant for “Du Lala’s Promotion”


China’s film market growing in size means that you now have enough money to hire famous crew. While I normally would rather these jobs go to rising Chinese artists, so that the industry can actually build up talent, who can say no to Patricia Field? She’s the stylist for Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada, etc. She flew from New York to Beijing in order to be a consultant for the movie, Du Lala’s Promotion, an adaptation of a very popular novel in China, and the much publicized directorial comeback of actress-director-screenwriter Xu Jinglei.

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Tracing Shadow Trailer


Jaycee Chan and Xie Na in Tracing Shadow

A recent article from the Shanghai Film Festival (where the Hua Yi stars coverged) talked about the Four upcoming Hua Yi “Blockbusters”, all very different in genres and styles. Two of them, I’ve already mentioned on this site. Feng Sheng/The Message and Tangshan Earthquake/Aftershocks. Despite their boring English titles, it’s clear that they were heavily funded. The third big-budget film from Hua Yi is Di Re Jie, which I’ll be talk about whenever there’s clearer pictures/footage of the cast but from concept art, it seems well-budgeted as well.

Of the three, the one that makes me question the “blockbuster” tag is Tracing Shadow , starring Jaycee Chan, Xie Na, and Pace Wu. But it’s the fun one.

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BOBO Leads a New Idol-Driven Movie Genre in China

Changed the pic above the cut because it was just so blindingly gold, and because why not?

Changed the pic above the cut because it was just so blindingly gold, and because why not?

It was only a matter of time before BOBO stepped up to the plate as employees of Hua Yi’s drama/film division and filmed something big together, but I would have thought it would be a drama, not a movie, an art-form usually reserved for the more skilled, and more bankable  of actors in China. And yet, BOBO will be the leads in the new heartwarming romantic comedy “Young Gods of Cookery” where they both play…you guessed it, chefs.

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