Amber Kuo, Rhydian Vaughan Embark on “One Road of Surprises”

They did have insanely good chemistry in Tiny Times

If you wanted to see more of Amber Kuo and Rhydian Vaughan together after the first two Tiny Times films, you’re not the only one. The two will appear together in the currently filming movie One Road of Surprises (一路惊喜), portraying a couple that’s been together for the past seven years.

One Road of Surprises will focus on six stories happening on Lunar New Year’s Eve, with each of the protagonists attempting to realize their New Year’s wishes. Although filming has been going on for almost half a year, not much information has been released so far, and the media was only recently allowed on set to watch a scene in which Rhydian climbs over from a neighboring balcony in order to rescue Amber and their cat from their burning residence.

Thus far, four of the stories have completed filming, and it is rumored that the sixth and final story will feature a mysterious husband-wife combination. Since Fan Bingbing starred in director-screenwriter Eva Jin‘s previous two movies, Sophie’s Revenge and One Night Surprise, some suspect that Bingbing will form one half of the mystery duo, or at least deliver a cameo, but the director said they’ll publicize the news in due time.

One Road of Surprises is expected to open in theaters around the Lunar New Year season next year, so check out some more cute photos of Amber and Rhydian in the meantime.

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A “One Night Surprise” for Fan Bingbing


Fan Bingbing stars in the upcoming rom-com movie One Night Surprise. Directed by Eva Jin (Sophie’s Revenge). Fan Bingbing plays sheng nv Michelle, who decided to drink away her singleness on her birthday, only to find out a month later she’s pregnant! Who’s the baby daddy? Is it her handsome boss (Daniel Henney)? Is it the considerate Zhang Dongyu (Aarif Lee)? Or is it the young and slightly 二 Lin Zhibo (Jiang Jingfu)? Watch the funny trailer below and promo photos our three eye-candies below the cut.

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