BL writer of Addiction returns with new drama

10/10 shot. The word in the middle means the building is set for demolishing, and demolishing CP is also Chinese netspeak for splitting up a ship.

After a very long hiatus, writer-producer Chai Jidan (Addiction, Counter Attack ) returns with her latest work One in a Hundred 百里挑一, a BL (or bromance?) drama about a D-list celebrity who decides to fake a bromance ship with his landlord. The 12-episode stars newbies Lu Dongxun and Liu Zirui and begins streaming on Youku today. The trailer and set-up look fun, I just hope they’ll release the whole drama in one go instead of only filming half of it like Addiction.

Baili Qianchuan is a country boy trying to make it into a big star in Beijing. When his new landlord accidentally walks across his computer screen in a towel during a live stream, fans are immediately convinced that they’re a couple. Under the advice of Qianchuan’s manager, the two decide to fake being a bromance ship for money and fake. But what happens when fans realize the truth?