Figure Skaters Sui Wenjing, Han Cong photoshoots

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong are more photogenic than 90 % of actors.

It’s Olympics season, so expect lots of athlete-entertainment crossovers other than dating (cough, Jing Tian and Zhang Jike, cough).  First up are two of China’s favorites to place,  pairs figure skaters Sui Wenjing and Han Cong, in a series of  photoshoots.    The two not only are better actors than many actors, but also rules in photoshoots. Continue reading

Olympics skaters Sui Wenjing, Han Cong pimp post

Sui and Han emote like thespians on ice.

Sensual, modern, and exploding with emotions,  Sui Wenjing and Han Cong are unlike any Chinese pairs  you’ve seen.  The pair is technically beautiful and graceful, but also exudes charm and passion in every strand of their hair (I’m not even kidding about the hair, everyone loves her hair) . The young team will be competing for China on the 14th and the 15th  in the pairs event, with a short program of Hallelujah and a  long program of Turandot advised by director Zhang Yimou.    Here are some of my favorite programs from them to hype them up: 

Spanish Romance 

“They’re doing the most difficulty moves on the planet, but they’re doing it in the style of the music. to the music, and the judges should pour points all over this thing.” – commentator

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Weibo of the day: Feng Zhe on gymnastics

Scaredy-cat Feng Zhe hides behind his teammate during Men’s Team finals.   His coach jokes he’s too afraid to even go to amusement parks.

Double Olympic gymnastics champion and self-claimed comedian Feng Zhe recently did a weibo interview.  Here are some of my favorite responses.

Q: You guys practice everyday. Don’t you think it’s boring and tiring?
Feng Zhe:   Friend, let me correct you. How can gymnastics be boring? There are six events, 51 moves, I can barely finish them all in a day how can I be bored? Gymnastics is about skills. Every move has its special way, every events has its own uniqueness so gymnastics isn’t boring at all!  As for tiring, what isn’t tiring? Please tell me.

Q: Are you the seed of happiness in the gymnastics team?
Feng Zhe: Our gymnastics team’s training guiding principle is  gymnastics joy, so all the teammates training here are having fun. Some are enjoying gymnastics, and others are enjoying the obstacles on the pursuit of their dreams! Either way, the gymnastics gym is full of laughter and joys. If you don’t believe me, you should come visit!

Q: What’s the biggest difference before and after success? If you can change your occupation, what would you do?
Feng Zhe: I think the biggest difference before and after the Olympics is my weight. [哼] I gained n kilogram.  I’m too embarrassed to even talk about it!  If I could choose again I would still chose gymnastics. I would chose to join the Chinese gymnastics team, chose to be with my brothers and be the “spoiled potato and eggplant generation”  (idarklight note: their name for their generation following the ‘diamond generation’ of the last 12 years)  , and chose to be with my Coach Wang who I can  bother a million times but he’ll still love me.

Miss China Universe 2009, Miss World 2007, a Comparison, and a blog entry about Liu Xiang

Ok… because someone asked me who China’s entry into Miss Universe was:


Name: Wang Jingyao

Height: 182 cm

Measurements: 81/61/90

I don’t know anything else about her but this particular request reminded me  of another request, by another commenter to translate Miss World 2007, Zhang Zilin‘s blog entry in defense of Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, which deeply impressed me when I read it; it was beautifully written.  Not to mention that she took her time to write an essay about the matter because she could help, and I think that’s the beauty of these “beauty pageants”, they find people who in general love helping others.

So I’ve put the translation below the cut, and I also talk about the difference between Miss World vs Miss Universe as it pertains to China.

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Winter Wonderland in Harbin


With all the concerts coming up in China that I want to go to badly, and me still not anywhere close to achieving the big trip across the pond, let’s live vicariously and take a look at how China is celebrating her Christmas. China‘s northern city of Harbin is ambitious… not only is it mulling over a bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but for is annual world renowned ice festival where an entire small town is created out of blocks of ice with embedded lights, it’s also building the world’s largest snow Santa Claus.

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Epic Post 2: No More Lip-Synching


Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi

This bit of news is really, really old and I was not going to post on this at all, but I began writing an introduction to another post that eventually evolved into its own long-winded post, and so here we are with me talking politics all over again because I couldn’t bear to just drop what I had already spent time on. Btw, Epic post basically means political post now.

China, as you may know from reading other sites, has recently decided to ban lip-synching from commercial performances, which in my opinion was a decision that came from older people in the industry frustrated by the recent flood of idol singers and not for other reasons that western news sources like to conjecture about, such as the lip-synching girl, Lin Maoke at the Olympics. Basically the first 3/4 of this post talks about why I am so pissed at how the articles that came out about this revelation (revealed by Chinese committe head himself) were so ridiculously flawed, as the articles often were during the Olympics, and I think it’s ridiculous that this is still being stated as truth, like the Variety article I linked to. The last 1/4 talks about the Chinese entertainment circle and how and whom the ban would affect. Beware, this is even longer than my Gong Li Epic Post. Continue reading

Epic Post: Gong Li’s Singaporean Status used as Social Commentary; ‘Shanghai’ began Production

Gong Li thinks I spent way too much time on this post

Gong Li thinks I spent way too much time on this post

I hate discussing politics because discussing politics on the internet is akin to throwing away valuable hours, years of your life, and discussing Chinese politics is even more stupid because it changes so rapidly. I know this from experience, and I know a lot more about Chinese politics than I do Chinese entertainment. But I rather love Gong Li (more so in To Live, less so in Miami Vice) and was happy to see her become a Singaporean citizen, because I’m sure it meant a lot to her to share that with her husband who is a Singaporean. I didn’t post it on this site, because I was sure it was already translated to English and I don’t like to repeat what’s posted a lot unless I have something to add it. But then I was really surprised to the way this news was posted…instead of just reporting it, people were spinning a story, using Gong Li as some sort of way to critique the mentality of Chinese citizens, and doing it erroneously.
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Are you in Olympics withdrawal?

I think Jackie Chan is. He posted massive amounts of pictures on his blog about the good times he had as a volunteer for the Olympics, and the famous people he got to meet. Feast your eyes on this quartet you boyband lovers.


These guys know no generation boundaries: L-R Emil Chau Jackie Chan Liu Huan and Andy Lau

But unlike most of us, Jackie doesn’t have to go cold turkey. He will be performing at the first concert event of any kind held at the Birds Nest, along with people who can actually sing/make music, including world famous pianist Li Yundi, old school Chinese singer Song Zuying, and Supergirl Li Yuchun. This is a show for charity.

Tickets will be tight probably since they’ve covered a broad range of fans from the classical to folk to pop to “other” (whatever Jackie Chan’s music would be called) , but don’t worry, if you can’t make the Birds Nest, you can still get tickets for the Musical Watercube Extravaganza.

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Gymnast Zou Kai to auction off Gold Medal for Sichuan

I’m an idiot and didn’t realize the previously mentioned auction charity event the Olympians were at was for Sichuan school reconstruction, but it was. Twenty-three atheletes including the previously aforementioned Guo Jingjing and Zou Kai were there.

Chinese gymnast Zou Kai originally decided to auction one of his three Olympic gold medals at the party. But he changed his mind and will auction off it later in Hong Kong, along with teammate Yang Wei’s silver medal. I know he bagged like three, but still. WOW. I’m impressed.

The 23 Olympic gold medalists who attended the auction raised a total of 19.18 million yuan for the earthquake victims.

Behind the cut is the full article detailing what other charitable shenanigans went on there. Lin Dan should have kept his shoes to auction instead of throwing them to the crowd.

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Everyone Loves Olympians

We all know that the best way to ingratiate yourself with Chinese fans and non-fans alike is to be seen chummy with some of China’s finest!

Cantopop singer Leo Ku posted pics of himself on his blog with Chinese gold medalists at the same charity benefit Guo Jingjing auctioned off her suimsuit at. His expression doesn’t change much in these pics, so it’s like seeing different Chinese athletes photoshopped with the same image of him over and over. I wonder if he knows how to photoshop?

With Chinese Badminton Stars Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan)

With Chinese Badminton Couple Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan), silver and gold medalist at the games respectively

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