Wang Yibo by Oliverjune

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt compelled to do a full photoshoot post for a male celeb, but there are so many great photos in this photoshoot that I can’t pick. Oliverjune captures actor-singer Wang Yibo of The Untamed fame in this stylish photoshoot that’s turn-of-the-century chic meets old Windows background.


Chen Feiyu in The Forbidden Palace, someone cast him as The Last Emperor!

This photoshoot of Chen Feiyu in The Forbidden Palace is not only visually stunning but gives me so much Puyi (China’s last emperor) vibes that after starring at the photos long enough, I decided Chen Feiyu could definitely pass for a better-looking Puyi. Someone hurry and make another drama or film about him while Chen Feiyu is still young. Hey Chen Kaige, here’s your chance for a great Puyi bioepic.

Chen Feiyu just finished up filming for  Legend of Awakening and has been seen at auditions for the Beijing Film Academy. He was also studying for the SAT’s last year, so he may also come back to the US for college.