Espionage series The Message sends out stylized trailer

Gu Xiaomeng X Li Ningyu is a ship for all ages

Espionage thriller  The Message  风声 drama has released a second and much better trailer, with stylized shots and interwoven scenes to build up suspense.  Based on the acclaimed film of the same name, the drama tells the story of five suspected locked in a mansion trying to find out who among them is the murder of a Japanese official.     The series stars Xu Lu (Be With You)Janice Man (Love Weaves Through A Millennium 2)Zhao Lixin (The Rise of Phoenixes)Zhang Zhijian (In the Name of the People) and Tony Yang (Divas Hit the Road 2) as the leads.

Trailer below:

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Web drama adaption of Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You to air on Tencent

Fun fact: The title of the drama is taken from one of Tsangyang Gyatso‘s romantic poems.

The upcoming webdrama Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You 不负如来不负卿 is based on Xiaochun’s’ time travel romance novel of the same name, and tells of the love story between a monk (Niu Zifan) and a historian (Rong Zhuo) who time travels back and forth between 4th century China and the year 2317.

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Drama adaption of The Message begins filming

The Message 风声 is an upcoming web drama adaption set during the Japanese occupation period, and is based on Mai Jia’s novel of the same. Xu Lu (Be With You), Janice Man (Love Weaves Through A Millennium 2), Zhao Lixin (Chinese Style Relationship), Zhang Zhijian (In the Name of the People) and Tony Yang (Divas Hit the Road 2) as the leads.

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