Music Monday: December 14, 2015

Good Morning Beautifuls!! Nothing is better than starting the day with cute babies and a good song =) This week’s lineup includes some familiar faces, some all-grown-up baby-faces, and some heartbreaking OSTs.

But first Grace Jie Jie’s daddy Gary Chao (曹格) wants to tell children of the world that Life Is Beautiful (美丽人生). Both of Gary’s children, Joe and Grace, are featured in this MV. Aren’t they just precious? <3

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Music Monday: June 8, 2015

This week’s songs almost all come with a new album, so make sure to check out the other songs if you like them!

M.I.C.‘s  CJ Chi Yuehan released his first solo, Wonderful Life. The MV doesn’t have the highest production value, but he’s so pretty in it that I can’t complain.
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Zombies,medicine, Ning Huanyu add “Mystery” to tomb-raiding film


Always bring medicine in case of zombie eunuchs.

If you can’t do it best, do it first. That’s what Mystery: The World of Tomb Raiding 秘术之盗墓江湖 hopes to do in the slew of tomb-raiding movies and dramas coming soon.     If anything, I was definitely lured by the traditional-medicine-inspired posters, and super impressed when I heard the theme song by Ning Huanyu (composed by him, too!)  playing in the background.  The film stars Ady An Yixuan, Jiro Wang, Guo Degang, and Ning Huanyu.

Theme song and MV, lyrics/composition by Ning Huanyu:

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Music Monday: January 6, 2014

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Every time I finish Music Monday I tell myself “I will do this over the weekend next time.” But next time comes around and I’m still doing it on Monday… *hanging head in shame*

Here’s a peace-offering – The CD version of the smoke covered collaborative song by Zhang Liang 张亮 and Tiantian 天天(张悦轩) I am Not An Idol 我不是男神, written for him by Ning Huanyu.

(12 videos below the cut)
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Zhang Liang, Tiantian perform live, choke themselves with smoke

How to trainwreck a performance 101 by Tiantian, Zhang Liang

Dad, I’m choking! – Tiantian
Is this smoke poisonous? – Tiantian
Where is Zhang Liang? – hosts

Happy New Year, everyone!  In honor of this auspicious day, my favorite performance of the 20113-2014 new year concerts –  Zhang Liang and Tiantian trying to sing.   The highlight was when the pair successfully gets a hold of the smoke guns and goes crazy, causing the stage to be filled with smoke.  While the screen is forced to cut to the audience for a whole minute, you can hear Tiantian in the background saying “Dad, I’m choking”  and “Is this  poisonous?”  instead of rapping the actual song.  Zhang Liang tries really hard to sing (off-tune) but ends up laughing instead.    The father and son duo are so goofy it’s adorable.

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Super Boys preserve youth and passion in opening MV

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.58.57 PM

Do you recollect when you begun to grow old?

Not only is the message beautiful and filming  impeccable  for the latest opening for the  2013 Super Boys , but the entrance itself  blends with the opening clip.    eeMedia’s N13 visual workshop has made great use of on-stage black and white this Super Boys before with Poker Face, and uses it again this time to connect the opening clip and the entrance, but now to show the contrast  between the bright red passion of the boys versus the gray world.   Watch it below and translations below the cut.

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Super Boy 2013: First Half of 66 to 20

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

The rule of this round is suppose to be (for each group) 2 minute performance each, one performer, four challengers, one pass, two elimination. But again, the judges didn’t follow the rules and passes more in some groups, or eliminated more in some groups. (though more should’ve have when to the “to be determined” group) Watch the first night here, and the second night here. Selected performances with comments below. Continue reading