Round-Up 2: Songs for the fight against COVID-19

The first round-up of songs, made when it was called coronavirus, here.
Please stay safe wherever you are! Remember to wash your hands and don’t use them to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

I Know 我知道 – Andy Lau
These heartfelt lyrics by Andy Lau are inspired by that of “For whom“, a song about efforts to contain the 1998 Wuhan floods –
“I don’t know who you are, but I know for whom you fight for.”

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Pixar Photoshoot with Mao Buyi, Nicholas Tse, He Jiong, Han Han

Mao Buyi X Miguel from Coco

Pixar gathered up four Chinese celebrities for a promotional shoot in time for Toy Story 3. There’s Coco X Mao Buyi, who sings the Chinese version of Remember Me from Coco; Ratatouille X Nicholas Tse, the actor who hosts a cooking show ; Cars X Han Han, the author-racecar driver ; Toy Story X He Jiong, the host whose connection to Toy Story is not known to the author.

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Trailer for But Always with Gao Yuanyuan and Nicholas Tse, hitting screens on September 4

This is the first time I’ve seen test tubes and a lab look so easy on the eyes.

I almost feel like there’s no need to watch the movie after seeing the trailer; it’s like a microfilm unto itself. Anyways, But Always 一生一世, featuring Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan, is hitting theaters on September 5th (synopsis here). Let’s use Gao Yuanyuan’s pretty test tubes to toast to a movie that’s hopefully as pretty as it looks…and doesn’t use a terminal disease as a gimmick. See trailer and more stills below.
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More prettiness from But Always with Gao Yuanyuan and Nicolas Tse

It’s hard to see in this still, but he’s bleeding around the head. Look below the cut to see suggestions as to why.

There’s been a steady of stream of eye candy released in promotion of Gao Yuanyuan and Nicholas Tse’s upcoming film, But Always 一生一世. Look below the cut, as Gao Yuanyuan’s character evolves from a white bloused student to a young lady, and Nicholas Tse’s character shows off his really toned abs ability to smile adorably in the rain. No trailer or music releases so far, but look forward to an excuse to post more stills when they do. (Edit: I lied. There is already a Hong Kong trailer).
Look below the cut to see more pictures.
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Hightlights from HNTV New Year Concert 2013-2014


Happy New Year!! What’s a new year celebration without a few good concerts? Lets begin with the always energetic and youthful Hunan TV New Year Concert. Hosted by Happy Camp and Day Day Up MCs (as usual), this year’s concert should really be called a family concert since almost everyone are affiliated with HNTV in someway.

idarklight‘s favorite performance might be the cuteness overload from Zhang Liang and Tian Tian, but my favorite performance of the night has to be the special rendition of Ylvis’s The Fox by Superboy 2013. Performed by Bai Jugang 白举纲, Jia Shengqiang 贾盛强, Ning Huanyu 宁恒宇, Rao Wei 饶威. Supergirl 2011 (Fu Mengni 付梦妮, Hong Chen 洪辰, Liu Meihan 刘美含, Zu Miaoling 苏妙玲) also joined the quartet at the end.

The full concert is available on HNTV’s Official Youtube Channel, below at a few highlight acts from the night.
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Music Monday: December 16, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Since most Chinese children begin learning English in elementary school it only makes sense to create an English version of “Where are we going? Dad!” theme song.

(I decided to post video counts so you guys don’t freeze your computer trying scroll before the page fully loads – 12 videos)
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Super Boy 2013: First Half of 66 to 20

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

The rule of this round is suppose to be (for each group) 2 minute performance each, one performer, four challengers, one pass, two elimination. But again, the judges didn’t follow the rules and passes more in some groups, or eliminated more in some groups. (though more should’ve have when to the “to be determined” group) Watch the first night here, and the second night here. Selected performances with comments below. Continue reading

Super Boy 2013: Changsha & Guangzhou Stops

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

So I didn’t have time to keep up with new music releases last week, but I did take time out of my weekend to watch Superboys 2013. Why did I take time out of my study sessions busy party schedule to watch this show you ask? It’s like Laure Shang said in the intro, the alumni from Supergirls/boys make up majority of today’s mainland music scene.

Starting with a simple dream, these young talents went on to become award winning singers, working hard on their dancing skills, crafting beautiful compositions (I’m not only talking about Lu Hu or Ma Xueyang), trying their hands in acting, and opening their own production studios. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to witness and support their struggles and growths from the beginning. You can watch Changsha and Guangzhou episodes on HNTV’s official youtube channel. Go below the cut for highlight performances. Continue reading

Nicholas Tse and Han Hong showing their love

East/Dragon TV held its annual charitable celebrities awards last week. A lot of times, celebrities do it for show, but here are two that I thought deserved special mentioning.

Since 10 years ago, Nicholas Tse has been taking care of about 50 kids in Sichuan anonymously. This fact was brought to light only after the Sichuan Earthquake hit and he wanted to find them.

I always felt that children are our future. 8 or 10 years ago, I learned about these kids and decided to help them. From 5, to 10, to 15, to now 50. THe happiest thing for me now is when I”m at work, and I’m hurt and want to quit, I’ll look at their letters, the fans they made for me. I’ll tell myself, “You can’t be tired. There are 50 families depending on you for a meal. This award reminds me, you’re lucky. You’re like them, with yellow skin and black eyes, why should you live better than them? So, I won’t give up.” To the children, he said,” Uncle won’t be tired, won’t be hurt, and you guys must never give up!”

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Chinese Celebrities When They Were Young

I said I would do a special fun post in exchange for someone making my banner when site hit 10,000. Well, here it is as promised, although nobody ever made me a banner. :( This is still incomplete…I don’t have a few people in here, and I wanted to put an after pic of everyone, but I got way too tired of that so I only put some for some people I didn’t think people would know (like all the mainland guys apparently), but eventually I will update this and make it the most comprehensive Chinese celeb baby picture list ever.

Love or hate her, you’ve got to admit Liu Yifei was one of the most adorable children ever.

More of cute adorable children behind the cut. I think it’s really rare for Chinese people to do plastic surgery (as of now) so this won’t be one of those “spot the differences” posts. This took a lot of time and effort to put together, so PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND POST ANYWHERE ELSE, w/o permission.

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