Feng Shaofeng, Ni Ni share dreams with kids

Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni’s future family will be the most adorable thing ever.

As a part of Huayi Brother’s free movie theaters initiative, actors Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni visited a school in Yunnan to play with the kids at one of the theaters set up and to film a short clip focusing on the dreams of children in underprivileged regions.

More cute pictures of the couple with kids below.


Photoshoot Round Up: Loads of Color

 photo 704_905154_897640_zps72c8f39f.jpg

There’s only one picture of a male (Wallace Huo) in this round up…but don’t worry, it’s all you need. 

Though, if you’re only going to look at one of the photo shoots in this batch, look at Ni Ni‘s shoot for Cosmopolitan –  it’s incredible how well she’s pulled off those neon colors. Yuan Shanshan also did one for Cosmo, from which a few pictures have been posted below (there, the vegetation varies more than her expresions). Zhang Lanxin is also quite tropical and posed with a parrot for Bazaar. (She has another one for L’Officiel; the colors are nice, the photoshop less so). Li Bingbing is vibrant in her shoot, also for Bazaar. Li Yuchun’s colors are darker, but that doesn’t stop her from sparkling (literally). Look below the cut!


Photoshoot Round Up, Week 8: Many, many, many

How could Liu Bang cheat on her?

There’s a lot of white in this photoshoot, from Qin Lan – with two roles as Empress Lv – as a bride for Cosmopolitan, Huang Yi in wintery neutrals for Vigour, Ni Ni frosty for Glass, Hai Lu with doll eyelashes and snowy flowers, and Yuan Shanshan in simple white. A bit more tropical are Liu Xijun, Bai Baihe, Zhang Meng, and a Tong Liya verging on Lady Gaga. Look below the cut for photos and links to more.


Ni Ni for L’Officiel


Mou girl Ni Ni went somewhat old-school in fashion for this photo shoot with L’Officiel, but she herself exudes as much modernity as always. Amid rumors that she will be opening her own workshop (joining women like Tang Yan and Ruby Lin; let’s applaud the assertiveness), Ni Ni may also be joining her boyfriend Feng Shaofeng under the wing of Huayi Brothers. Look below the cut for more pictures from the photo shoot.  (more…)