Chang Chen makes drama debut opposite Ni Ni in Eternal Love spin-off

I’m still going to watch this regardless, but the first 30 seconds reminds me of those organic skin cosmetics ads…

Chang Chen (Forever Young) has decided to take the plunge into drama land as the lead in fantasy period drama Love and Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘. Ni Ni (The Rise of Phoenixes) costars as the female lead.



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Friday Photos

Liu Yifei posing for The Return of the Condor Heroes

Posters, stills, photoshoots, and random photos that caught my eye this week.

Jing Boran, Ma Sichun, Song Jia, Michelle Chen, Qin Hao, and Zhang Songwen for The Shadow Play promotional shoot

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Suddenly Seventeen is now free on YouTube legally w/ English subs

One of my favorite chick flicks, Suddenly Seventeen 28岁未成年, is now available with English subtitles for free on YouTube legally.  The directorial debut of Zhang Mo stars Ni Ni, Wallace Huo, Wang Ta-lu, and Ma Su in a charming tale of finding yourself.

A window into Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Ni Ni, etc. at fashion event

Tang Yan will see you now.

It seems like it’s now a thing for fashion event to take group photos now.  This time,  Marie Claire captures Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Ni Ni, Angelababy, Zhou Dongyu, Victoria Song Qian, Li Qin, Zhao Wei, Wu Lei, Cai Xukun, Fan Chengcheng, Huang Xuan, Song Weilong, Sun Yi, Zhang Tian’ai, Lisa Lu, Song Zu’er, Wang Ziwen, Chen Wenqi, Dong Jie, Tong Liya, Jolin Tsai, He Sui, and Xi Mengyao behind a window.  This time we’re at Marie Claire. How does this compare to the Cosmo, Elle, and Vogue photoshoots earlier this year?

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Ni Ni casual lookbook

In addition to being an amazing actress, Ni Ni ( #beautiful ) is also known for being super photogenic.  Here are some photoshoots (mostly ads) of her in semi-casual clothing around the world.

Ni Ni is known for some of the most glam shots while simultaneously rocking out some of the simplest outfits and no-makeup looks, which makes her kind of perfect for playing both Feng Zhiwei and Wei Zhi in The Rise of Phoenixes. Half of the clothes in these photos are from Uniqlo and pretty affordable, while the other half are from Gucci and not.

#NiNi #gorgeous . cr: TuThen

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