“Dad” goes creative with posters

Unsatisfied with the cute but conventional posters above, the kids take their dads matters into their own hands.

For a movie that’s created in a  month, Where are we going? Dad the movie has really impressed with its advertising. Headed by eeMedia’s publicity director Wu Mengzhi (the lyricist for the theme) and N13 Visual Studios, the film has released a string of great posters and trailers. The character posters switch the kids and their dads, while the trailers include actual trailers (below), extras,  baby pink character trailers, and meticulously created concept trailers with forest and road trip themes.  They even got all the moms to sing a theme song with their kids!

 Advanced screenings have generally said it’s hilarious and cute and usual, although some derided the film’s moneymaking tactics. What do you think? Will it be a hit or a flop?

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TTXS and Yu Haoming to visit Seattle/NYC


Due to the influential nature of Hunan TV’s “Tian Tian Xiang Shang,” Microsoft has invited Tian Tian Xiang Shang’s production team to visit Microsoft headquarters in Seattle to promote Windows 7.

This time, the seven Tian Tian Xian Shang brothers will be represented by Wang Han, Tian Yuan, Qian Feng and Yu Haoming.

October 1st-4th : TTXS will film in Seattle’s Microsoft Headquarters

October 5th-9th TTXS will fly to New York City to attend an exhibition (展览会)
does anyone know of anything going on in NYC during that time period? I like He Jiong better, but I would love to see Wang Han.

source: hunan tv