Celebrating with Jiangsu TV’s New Year Concert

It seems like a while since we have done a music-related post so here’s to Jiangsu TV’s New Year Concert, featuring some of the biggest artists in the greater China region and Asia including but not limited to A-meiStefanie SunJolin Tsai, Fenghuang ChuanqiLi JianHu YanbingSNH48The OneZheng ChunyuanLi YuchunJ.J. LinChi ChangxuLi RonghaoS.H.E.Fish LeongTan Weiwei, Piao ShuSha BaoliangTao JingyingEkin ChengLin XiaofengXie TianhuaQian JialeDeng LixinWu YufeiFu YingYang AijinT-araWu MochouWei ChenDong ChengpengLi Xiang, and singers from Yizhan Daodi.  All those people in that poster above.  Heck the freakin’ show comes in like FOUR OVER-ONE-HOUR SEGMENTS!!

More video links below the cut.

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Highlights from Dragon TV New Year Concert 2013-2014


The New Year concert on Dragon TV 东方卫视, Shanghai based television channel, is another must watch concert. The show featured Chinese Idol contestants, Han Hong 韩红, actor/singer/judge Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 PKing singer/actor/MC Show Luo 罗志祥. Also in attendance is Taiwanese girl idol women musical group S.H.E, going into their 13th year together and still going strong even as married women (Ella 陈嘉桦 and Selina 任家萱). It wouldn’t be a party without some pretty faces – representing the girls is Shanghai based theater girl group SNH48, and representing the dudes is SM boybands Super Junior-M and EXO-M. The concert also featured special performances from Richie Ren 任贤齐 and Jonathan Lee 李宗盛.

As if that’s not enough incentive to watch the show, just look at this 3D (4D?) light show during the new year countdown!! The full new year concert is available on the official Dragon TV affiliated youtube channel in three parts here, here, and here.

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2012-2013 New Year Concerts guest list

hanshuang 2012 shenzhen

Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang lean in for a kiss at the Shenzhen New Year Concert

Hunan TV (live)
Hosts: He Jiong, Xie Na, Wang Han, Sun Xiaoxiao, etc.
Artists: Yu Haoming, Jane Zhang, Zhou Bichang, Li Yuchun, Andy Lau, eeMedia artists, Korean artists,  Jam Hsiao, Yang Mi, Huang Yali, Gary Cao, Jolin Cai, Tanya Chua, etc.

Jiangsu TV (live)
Hosts: Meng Fei, Le Jia, Li Hao, Li Xiang, Peng Yu
Artists: Wang Leehom, Lin Dan, Show Luo, Elva Hsiao, JJ Lin, EXo-M, Yoga Lin, Karen Mok, Jacky Cheung, etc.

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New Year with the stars


ee media 2009 family portrait

Wang Leehom, Jolin Tsai, SJ-M, Mayday, Fish Leong, Zhang Liyin, Rene Liu, and the entire ee media family will all spend New Year’s Eve on Hunan tv and ctv’s new year countdown concert. Rumored guests include the new and original F4 as well as David Beckham. Continue reading