Weibo Wednesday: May 14, 2014

Lots of goodies in this Weibo round-up, including two dating announcements! But first, let’s kick it off with a few Mother’s Day posts, some touching and some silly…

Yu Haoming with mother

俞灏明: #世上只有妈妈好#妈妈的好,不仅仅在于生活中无微不至的照料,苦口婆心的叮嘱,以及义无反顾地默默支持.更难能可贵的是,每次合影都自觉向前冲,就为了衬得我的脸能稍小一点。大家说,哪儿还能找到这么好的妈妈…[泪]妈咪,母亲节快乐!我爱你!@热戴芋 @热戴芋霖

Meteor Shower actor Yu Haoming wrote a poignant message for his mother, who was with him every step of the way after he was injured in an explosion in 2010 when filming a drama with S.H.E’s Selina. After being hospitalized with numerous third-degree burns, his mother personally cooked every meal for him and brought it to the hospital for him to eat. Haoming shared in a recent interview that his mom is still in the habit of calling him a few times a day to check up on him.

And for those of you wondering what Haoming is up to, he just started filming a drama called Before the Rain (暴雨将至), which also stars Huang Zhizhong and Jordan Chan.

#In this world, only Mom is good# Mom’s goodness lies not only in her meticulous care in life, the urging of her patient persuasion, and her duty-bound silent support. Even more precious is that every time we take a picture, I will consciously rush onward, in order to make my face a little smaller. Everyone, where can you find such a good mother? Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!

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Most Popular Cdramas Online from 2009 Onward

When judging the popularity of television dramas, the go-to statistic has always been the drama’s ratings (收视率). Also known as audience measurement or television viewership, a drama’s ratings show how many people tuned in — the higher the number, the more people turned on their TVs to catch the latest episode.

With the rapid development of new media, however, ratings can no longer illustrate the entire picture when it comes to drama popularity. More and more, people are turning to online streaming or downloading in order to get their drama fix, which means a shift in criteria may be necessary.

Recently, Sina published a list of findings from Vlinkage, a Shanghai-based consulting company that monitors data regarding videos and new media in China. Founded in 2012, Vlinkage has amassed what they call China’s most complete information database on actors, movies, and TV dramas, which they then use to evaluate the entertainment market.

In their article, Vlinkage lists 48 dramas that have received more than 1 billion views online. To put this in perspective, that’s how many views Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” MV reached on YouTube five months after it was uploaded. That’s one video. This is 48 dramas, and the one topping the list has almost 7 billion views.

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What happened to the cast of Meteor Shower?


The cast went to Japan to film several episodes of “Bravely Going Forward,” though Zhang Han was unable to go due to visa problems. One episode of Yu Haoming, Wei Chen and Wang Yuexin in the show has been aired, though not filmed in Japan.

Zhang Han is rumored to be going to new company Shengshi, and has a 75% chance of playing ErKang in the Huan Zhu Ge Ge remake.

Other than being in Zhang Jie’s MV, Zheng Shuang should also be starring in a new drama called “Jello of love/Ai Qing Guo Dong.” Continue reading

New entertainment company in charge of Huan Zhu Ge Ge remake


News spread fast last week that Long Danni, CEO of eeMedia would be leaving the company for Shanda entertainment. This gave us all a series of heart attacks, because eeMedia was chaotic until she was hired last year and took over, and in the past year she’s accomplished so much by overseeing eeMedia’s first drama production, Meteor Shower, making Supergirls a nationwide hit, organizing the music department, etc. We couldn’t believe that a woman with such a strong vision would just leave the foundation she had worked hard to create.

And she didn’t. Well,  not technically. Instead the real story behind the news points to an alliance that will only stretch the boundaries of eeMedia and Hunan TV further, not topple the company.

Shanda Interactive (Shanda) and Hunan Broadcasting Systems (Hunan) held a press conference today announcing the formation of a new entertainment company. The new company, Shengshi (Glorious Times) Film and TV, with an initial investment of 600million yuan, will be a Shanda-Hunan joint venture focused on film and drama productions as well as artist management.

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