“Wuthering Heights” adapted to Republican era


Is this how you pictured Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw?

A late-Qing/Republican era Chinese series,  directed by an ethnic-Kazakh trained in Soviet Russia,  based on a British novel?

Nesound entertainment (Hello Gorgeous, Ugly Wudi, My Fair Princess/Huan Zhu Ge Ge)  introduces Seeking my own future 明日已太远, an adaptation of  Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, but set in late-Qing/ Republican era of China.

This won’t be director Jana Shah’s first time directing a foreign novel, though. In fact, she directed the first ever Chinese television series adapted from a foreign novel, How the Steel Was Tempered, back in 1999. Shah, who did an excellent job with my favorite red drama When We Were Young, said that she hopes to adapt even more foreign novels. In addition to the common manga adaptations, will we see other foreign literature being adapted?  We already have a Five dynasty/Ten Kingdom Period Hamlet, and now a late-Qing Heathcliff,  what’s next?  Tang-dynasty Lolita?  Ming-dynasty d’Artagnan?

Ugly Wudi Season 3 Ends With a Huge Dance Finale

As you may have read about on this site, Ugly Wudi Season 3 was a musical. Last night it ended with a really large dance finale. What can I say? For me, this show can do no wrong. I love the chemistry of the cast, love how well the script was adapted to Chinese audiences, and finally I love how it does this kind of wacky crazy stuff.


More than 1000 people participated in the filming of the finale

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New Yorkers agree that Ugly Wudi is adorable


Lin Xinru adorable both before and after Ugly Wudi

Good Morning America, along with the random New Yorkers that it surveyed, agrees with Cfensi that Ugly Wudi is not that ugly. Click here to watch the report. Of the various news sources that have picked this story up, this I feel is the only one that shows justice to the story. Every other story makes it seem as if the Chinese hate it, when in fact Ugly Wudi was one of the most popular shows last year. Its product placement ads reached the level of Super Girl ads, and that’s beyond impressive. The third season is currently under production. Continue reading