Zhang Jie sings theme song for animated feature Jiang Ziya

Ne Zha X Jiang Ziya poster

Zhang Jie sings Jiang Ziya, the theme song for the animated feature Jiang Ziya/ Legend of Deification. The film is from Coloroom Pictures, the producers of Ne Zha. I love the art style of this film so much and really hope its script matches that of Ne Zha.

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Ne Zha overtakes The Wandering Earth to become the highest-grossing film of the year.

The Wandering Earth‘s director Frant Gwo drew this to congratulate Ne Zha.

Ne Zha 哪吒, which opens this/next week in the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK and continues to screen in New Zealand and Australia, has finally overtaken The Wandering Earth to become the highest-grossing film of the year with 4.65 billion RMB (645 USD) at the domestic box office as of today. Barring any surprise breakouts on National Day, Ne Zha is set to become the first domestic animation to ever take the title.

Ne Zha is the first of a series of films from new animation studio Coloroom Pictures, which you can learn more about here. Their next animated film, The Legend of Hei, has already begun previews and will screen on September 12th.

Ne Zha to get US, Canada , Australia, New Zealand release

Currently the highest performing animated film and fourth film overall at the Chinese box office, Ne Zha will be distributed abroad. The film comes out in Australia on the 23rd and in New Zealand on the 29th. It’ll be distributed in the US and Canada by Well Go USA (The Shadow) in select 3D Imax theaters across North America on Aug. 29, followed by a nationwide expansion on Sept. 6.

Ne Zha dethrones Zootopia to become the first domestic animation to top the Chinese box office since 1995

Ne Zha’s celebration poster pays tributes to many of its predecessors and reads “For domestic animation, one large step is still only the first step of many.”

In eight days, animated film Ne Zha has made 1.530 billion RMB at the box office, dethroning Zootopia to become the highest-grossing animated film in Chinese box office history, the first domestic film to do so since The Lion King became the first Hollywood animated film to re-enter the market in 1995.

Ne Zha, which has been smashing records since day one, is currently predicted to make 4.5 billion RMB, almost three times that of the previous record holder. The animated film, the first feature produced start-to-finish by new powerhouse Coloroom, is the first of a series of films loosely based on Chinese mythology. Between this and successes like The Monkey King series and White Snake, could this mark the revival of Chinese animation?

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Ne Zha breaks record for the highest opening for an animated film, the first Chinese film to do so in decades

“Not giving into fate is Ne Zha’s fate”

Animated feature Ne Zha 哪吒之魔童降世, which opened on Friday, broke the record for the highest opening day box office in China for an animated film, making it the first Chinese film to do so since The Lion King became the first Hollywood animated film screened in modern China in 1995. This comes four years after Monster Hunt became the first Chinese film to top the all-time Chinese box office charts since the market re-opened to foreign films in 1994.

The film made 138.5 million RMB on its opening day, edging it ahead of the previous top five – Despicable Me 3, The Minions, Kung Fu Panda 3, Doraemon: Treasure Island, and Your Name. Combined with 61.8 million RMB from test screenings over the past weekend, Ne Zha so far has 200 million RMB at the box office. To dethrone the current top overall box office, it would have to beat out Zootopia‘s 1.53 billion RMB. The highest for a Chinese animated film is fifth place Monkey King: Hero is Back with 956 million RMB. Given its incredible word of mouth, most people are expecting it to dethrone Monkey King at least, with Maoyan predicting it to dethrone Zooptopia (but Maoyan predictions fluctuates a lot).

Update: On Saturday the 26th, Ne Zha broke the record for highest single day box office for an animated film. On Sunday the 27th, Ne Zha broke the record for highest opening weekedn as well as highest weekly box office for an animated film.

Final trailer below (some spoilers), more promos here:

Ne Zha aims to be the animated hit of the summer

Ne Zha is advertising itself as the next-level-up to 2015 surprise hit Monkey King: Hero is Back.

When the world was created, the essences of heaven and earth gave birth to a brilliant gem. It was split into two, one good and one evil. When the two gems are accidentally switched and the chosen hero to defeat evil was reincarnated with the evil gem, which side will he chose?

A retelling of the classic story of Nezha, animated feature Ne Zha 哪吒之魔童降世 released its first set of promotional music, posters, and trailers. Reviews for the film, to be released on July 26th, have so far been extremely positive, in particular praising its script. Will it be able to be the previous animated hit Monkey King: Hero is Back, whose script was probably its biggest weakness?

The Rap of China winner Gai sings the mesmerizing theme song of the same name below:

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