Han Lei sings for Nanking


Han Lei sings the sorrowful theme song for the drama version of The Flowers of War. How does it compare to the movie theme? The series is currently airing on Hunan TV, but I can’t get past episode 2 because I ran out of tissues.

The series coincides with the 77th anniversary of the first day of the Nanking Massacre (also known as the Rape of Nanking), and the first year for which the whole nation will go into mourning for remembrance of the event. China has also released a new series of evidence from the National Archives for the massacre.  The  National Memorial has also went under renovations and will re-open today, as you can read about on CNN.


Nanking succeeds at the office but fails in history

Lu Chuan's the only one smiling because he's the only one that benefited from this movie.

Lu Chuan's the only one smiling because only he's the only one that benefited from this movie.

Lu Chuan’s highly publicized film Nanking!Nanking!, also known as The City of Life and Death in English, received huge successes at the box offices. In 10 days, box office sells reached 110million yuan, making Lu Chuan the fifth Chinese director to earn over 100 million yuan with a film. Despite huge commercial successes, the film received huge amounts of criticisms.

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Nanking Massacre films to hit the theaters in April


Both H.Y. Brothers’  John Rabe and Lu Chuan’s Nanking! Nanking (also known as City of Life and Death) have been approved to be aired in China in late April.

Lu’s film looks at the massacre from the perspectives of a Chinese soldier, a Japanese soldier and a foreign missionary. The censors assessed the film over a period of five months, and a couple of violent scenes had to be revised.

Oscar-winning German helmer Florian Gallenberger‘s biopic about Nazi party member John Rabe, who saved hundreds of thousands of lives by setting up a safe area in the city during the attack, will be released on April 28, Tang Jingting of Huayi Brothers confirmed.

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John Rabe trailer:
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