Weibo Wednesday: February 19, 2014

Even though it’s been three weeks since our last round-up, there’s not much to report from the Weibo front. I guess all of our favorite celebs have been too busy having fun during the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival to waste time on Weibo… which is how the holidays should be spent, amirite?

Anyway, for those of you wondering whether or not you’re a famous Chinese celebrity, here’s an easy litmus test: turn on the TV during the Chinese New Year season and see if you see yourself on the screen. If yes, you’re probably famous, like Vicki Zhao Wei, whose Princess Returning Pearl (还珠格格) has been a Hunan TV staple since it originally aired in 1998. This is reportedly the 15th time the channel has rerun the series.

Vicki Zhao Wei in Huan Zhu Ge Ge

赵薇: 我能说打开电视一惊嘛?这节过得好逗

Can I say that I was startled when I turned on the TV? Very amused this holiday

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Zhang Ziyi saves Wang Leehom in “My Lucky Star”


“My man, mine to save”

Following the success of Sophie’s Revenge, actress Zhang Ziyi self-produces My Lucky Star, a second film starring the whimsical comic artist Sophie, this time venturing into one of her comic book adventures with  Wang Leehom, Yao Chen, Ruby Lin and  Zheng Kai. Trailer below the cut from Cat Tang@YouTube