Blonde Bombshell Ma Tianyu


Yes. Diva Ma Tianyu has arrived

It’s been three years since Ma Tianyu 马天宇 has released any new music; his last EP Soliloquize 自言自宇 was in 2010. And as we all know from previous experiences, Ma Tianyu love surprising us with new concepts in his music video. In this music video for Bystander 世界之外 Ma Tianyu dyed his hair blond.

Ma Tianyu kept himself busy during these past three years filming dramas such as Xuan Yuan Sword 轩辕剑之天之痕, Young Detective Dee 少年神探狄仁杰, Legend of the Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭, a time-traveling wuxia drama The Duet 四手妙弹, and a republic era Shanghai drama by Han Xue Workshop Ladies Home 淑女之家, (Han Xue 韩雪/Chen Xiang 陈翔/Mao Xiaotong 毛晓彤) just to name a few.

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Music Monday: December 30, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Another brand new year is almost upon us… which means a brand new Take Happiness Home (把乐带回家) microfilm, AKA Pepsi Annual Cpop All-Star New Year Commercial. You can watch the touching microfilm from previous two years here and here. Below is the theme song for this year’s microfilm, featuring Harlem Yu (庾澄庆), Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), Ai Fei (艾菲), and Pepsi’s newest spokesperson Momo Wu (吴莫愁).

I just want to take a small poll of Music Monday. I know there aren’t many cpop focused sites out there and Cfensi mostly concentrate on mainland entertainment. But since TW and HK cpop is a huge part of cpop, would you guys like me to cover some TW and HK cpop in next year’s Music Monday? I don’t follow HK music scene at all (mostly because I don’t speak Cantonese), but if you guys want I can look into it once in a while…

Music Monday will probably be a biweekly post in the new year. (15 videos in this post)
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Jacky Xue returns with a new album after May car accident


Everyone wears masks, what’s yours?

Jacky Xue Zhiqian (薛之谦) is preparing for the release of his new album Accident/意外 with the reveal of 3 singles from the upcoming album. This album comes 8 years after Jacky’s debut and barely 6 months after his car accident in Thailand. Watch the MV for the three singles Ugly (丑八怪), Accident (意外), and What Else Do You Want From Me (你还要我怎样) below. The MV for the first single Ugly was filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Unexpected Collaboration: Chen Chusheng ft. MC Hotdog

Drunk 《醉》, featuring rapper MC Hotdog, is the second single from Chen Chusheng‘s (陈楚生) new album I Know You Are Not Far 《我知道你离我不远》.

The Huayi Music artist first rose to fame with his début single Has Anyone Told You 《有没有人告诉你》 after winning Super Boys 2007. Chen Chusheng’s last album Addiction 《瘾》 was in 2011, though many of his compositions were in Huayi Movies during this almost 3 year hiatus. The full album is available for listen on sina.

I thought I would never get drunk
Falling into this feeble defense
Chewing up those self-righteous dreams
Swallowing up the city’s petty lies

I thought I was flying high
I forgot that I was falling down
I need to shut my troublesome mouth
Hugging my stable legs for support

Let the rain pound against my face
Shaming this sinister mind
Never a follower
I must follow my own route
How can I care about these tiny injuries
I am not afraid of walking alone in the dark
Loneliness allows me to hear my inner voice
I buried my youth on this uneven road
I am willing – I accept
The sin of self-righteousness

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Dancing Divas: Jiang Yingrong, Lisi Danni

eeMedia’s two dancing divas Jiang Yingrong and Lisi Danni collaborates for new dance track DV. These two ladies first appeared on stage together during Supergirl 2011, then again a year later Let’s Shake It (舞林大会) and the HNTV New Year Concert. Watch the MV below. The dancer version and promo posters are below the cut.

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Music Monday: November 12, 2013

O.M.G. let’s get this week’s Music Monday party started Party King (派对之王). The group is make up of L.E.D Duan Lian (段炼) and Tiger Zhu Chenyao (朱乘瑶). The guests for this party includes Girl groups Lotte Girls and Lunar, Boybands 0086 and HOPE, fierce female rapper Namigirl, and many more.
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Laure Shang believes “Love Changes Love”

Laure Shang Weijie 尚雯婕 recently released her brand new album 《Graceland恩赐之地》. For the music video of her second single Love Changes Love 越爱越明白 Shang collaborated with Swedish photographer Rikkard Häggbom.

Compare to her previous single The Star, which took an a fantasy wonderland feel, this music video took a more vintage and reminiscent feel. Shang and her team traveled to various location in Northern Europe, Iceland, and Sweden to create the vintage feel needed for this black and white music video. Some colored stills from the shoot. Continue reading

Music Monday: November 18, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This weeks Music Monday features 3:50 minutes of carefree fun with Love Band, imagine what it’s like to meet your true love with Cao Yin, admire someone’s side profile with Du Yupeng, animation of life with Huang Zhen and Zhang Xinyi, serenade to your beloved with Liu Xin x2, parachute with Wang Yuexin, rip paper with Qing Xin, self praise with Yan Su, be a chick magnet with Yi Xin.

Actress Dong Xuan 董璇 celebrates the tenth year anniversary of her fan club Whirlwind 璇風 (Xuan Feng), with a few lucky fans in this MV titled Ten Years. Currently, the actress is filming Heroes and Heroines of Shanghai and The Condor Heroes.
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HIT-5 tells the light to “Shine On Me” again


car Light. Camera. SHINE!

As we previously mentioned, Hit-5 is back with a brand new album How You Been 你们还好吗. TH Entertainment invited American record producer Fingazz to oversee the production of HIT-5′s new single “Shine on Me“. The new single’s blend of Hip-Hop with disco and electronic dance music is a refreshing change from the group’s previous releases.

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