Fu Xinbo Re-“Captivate” Your Heart With New MV


Mysterious and Dangerous Mr. X

Two years after the release of his solo debut album, Fu Xinbo returns with his second album <Mr. X>. This will be his first album under the new management and record label, AsiaMuse Entertainment, which he signed to earlier this year. Just to emphasize how big of a change this is, Fu Xinbo’s new label mates include: Jason Tsou, Tanya Chua, Lala Xu, Soft Lipa, katncandix2, and The Girl and The Robots. Looking at AsiaMuse’s roster it’s easy to see why they would want to sign Fu Xinbo, and perhaps he’s hoping to be taken seriously as an artist in the future? So many possible dream collaborations…

A few of the songs are available for purchase on kkbox, including the single used for Kai Ko and Chen Bolin’s ice cream commercial and the theme song to Fu Xinbo’s upcoming drama Seven Friends (七个朋友). Concept photos below the cut Continue reading