Is Sina Weibo China’s worst private monopoly?


Sina is watching you, and controls what you watch.


Once in a while we feel compelled to post on a more deeper issue related to entertainment. This is one that’s been bothering me for years. All opinions are by me and do not represent the website as a whole. Please feel free to post other proofs or examples you see, and correct any errors. 

Imagine if which news you read was purely dependent on how much someone paid the newspaper. What if that newspaper was also your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Microblogging platform Sina Weibo is one of the world’s top source for information. Yet without regulation, this  means a world where Sina is able to highlight its own news sources (or that of anyone who pays them) in all searches and tags for a fifth of the world.  They’re also able to make whatever hashtags or searches they want prominent.

Last month, in a new move where only a percentage of posts by those you follow will be displayed, this means they’re able to highlight or hide all posts, effectively controlling everything you see. I’ve seen this happen in several gossip scandals, where people’s Weibo posts are clearly there, but followers are unable to see them due to this mysterious “chance”.

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