Photoshoot Background: White Backgrounds ahoy

There’s nothing wrong, maybe even everything right with a nice background – but this round up should show you that the absence of a background can be lovely too. Liu Shishi wears white against white (mourning for that role in Bu Bu Jing Xin 2?), while Lin Chi-ling goes for bright pops of color. Angelababy follows suit, but by the time Lin Chi-ling appears in her second photoshoot (this one for Marie Claire), she’s switched to Liu Shishi’s style. Faye Wang breaks a rules a little with a backdrop of furniture, but the walls are still white, so let it pass…

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Music Monday: May 5, 2014

Music Monday 2014

I’m back! I realize the last time I posted anything was back in February. So… Lets ease back into Music Monday again. But first I would like to introduce two new discovery of sort. 1) Music Radio Billboard Chart and 2) CCTV Global Music Chart.

Music Radio Billboard Chart has been around for a few years, but the webpage was never that visually appealing. The chart is now separated into Mainland, TW/HK, and new releases. Then there’s CCTV’s brand new “live” music performance program Global Music Chart first aired in March. While not all the performances are for new songs, but I’m not going complains about finally having a show dedicated to musical performance and promotion. Like its counterparts (Music Station/Inkigayo) a winner is crowned at the end of each episode based on SNS votes, text, and audience votes. I hope they include digital and physical sales later to promote legal music download/purchase.

Speaking of music award, it’s music awards season again! Yinyuetai held their 2nd annual award show a few weeks ago. The award show itself wasn’t all that interesting, basically anyone who decided to attend got an award, but there were some great performances. QQ Music held their first music awards show this year. Finally the all important Music Radio Annual Top Billboard Charts and The Chinese Music Awards 全球华语榜中榜, which were both held in late April.

Music Monday: December 30, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)
Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Another brand new year is almost upon us… which means a brand new Take Happiness Home (把乐带回家) microfilm, AKA Pepsi Annual Cpop All-Star New Year Commercial. You can watch the touching microfilm from previous two years here and here. Below is the theme song for this year’s microfilm, featuring Harlem Yu (庾澄庆), Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), Ai Fei (艾菲), and Pepsi’s newest spokesperson Momo Wu (吴莫愁).

I just want to take a small poll of Music Monday. I know there aren’t many cpop focused sites out there and Cfensi mostly concentrate on mainland entertainment. But since TW and HK cpop is a huge part of cpop, would you guys like me to cover some TW and HK cpop in next year’s Music Monday? I don’t follow HK music scene at all (mostly because I don’t speak Cantonese), but if you guys want I can look into it once in a while…

Music Monday will probably be a biweekly post in the new year. (15 videos in this post)