Liu Shishi plays twins for upcoming movie Five Minutes to Tomorrow

“Did you, because of my face, fall in love with her…or did you, because of her face, also fall in love with me?”

One would hope that Liu Shishi‘s next dual role in a production would be better than her last (Bu Bu Jing Qing. Kudos if you can name another production she played “two” characters in). In her next movie Five Minutes to Tomorrow, adapted from a Japanese novel, Shishi plays a pair of twins who fall in love with the same man (Joseph Chang). Meanwhile, the apprentice watchmaker played by Miura Haruma – who lives to the rhythm of a watch that’s always five minutes late – is attracted to the two twins because of an unexpected occurrence. While vacationing outside the country, the two sisters get into a car accident, and only one survives. But who is it that really returned to the side of the man they love?  Continue reading