Miss China Universe 2009, Miss World 2007, a Comparison, and a blog entry about Liu Xiang

Ok… because someone asked me who China’s entry into Miss Universe was:


Name: Wang Jingyao

Height: 182 cm

Measurements: 81/61/90

I don’t know anything else about her but this particular request reminded me  of another request, by another commenter to translate Miss World 2007, Zhang Zilin‘s blog entry in defense of Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, which deeply impressed me when I read it; it was beautifully written.  Not to mention that she took her time to write an essay about the matter because she could help, and I think that’s the beauty of these “beauty pageants”, they find people who in general love helping others.

So I’ve put the translation below the cut, and I also talk about the difference between Miss World vs Miss Universe as it pertains to China.

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