SOP Queen releases new posters for Taiwanese premier

Drama SOP Queen is finally airing in Taiwan in October, and along with the airing are pretty new posters of the leads Chen Qiao’en, Zhang Han, Godfrey Gao and Coco Jiang!  The drama will be airing on the prime time drama spot on Sundays on FTV, marking the first time for Zhang Han to be making it on the premier drama spot in Taiwan.  Chen Qiao’en an Godfrey Gao has also started doing promotions for the series. Continue reading

Zhang Jiani and Mingdao reminds you to Always Smile!

always smile

Even if Meteor Shower fails, which it might or might not since eeMedia is Hunan TV’s most unpredictable segment, Hunan TV is sure to keep up its quality of self-made dramas with Always Smile! Starring Zhang Jiani in her second Hunan drama lead, Mingdao in his nth drama and Ma Ke in all his funniness, Always Smile! will air on June the 27th on, surprise, Hunan Satellite TV!. You can read the synopsis here.

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Time to witness a miracle



“And now, it’s time to witness a miracle.”

With those words, Liu Qian aka Lu Chen ends his performance like he always does.  Liu Qian, China’s favorite magician, was one of the two performers  (the other one being Xiao Shenyang) that made their big break during this year’s CCTV New Year Gala. With his popularity came the rise of magic shows all across China.

The first of those is  Hunan TV’s jin pai mo shu tuan/Golden Magic Troupe. The show, hosted by Wang Han, invites amateur magicians to come and compete for a chance to apprentice one of the four judges – Liu Qian and three magicians from Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. Think Super Girls/Boys for magicians.

Allen Su sings and composes the theme song, It’s the Magic. Download the MP3 here.
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