Huang Xuan, Zhao Liying collaborate with director Lu Yang for Sina’s Best Performance series

Lu Yang is fast becoming one of my favourite up-and-coming directors thanks to the Brotherhood of Blades film series, and his short videos for Sina’s Best Performance 最美表演 series are the best of the lot.

Huang Xuan’s character loses his wife (Zhao Liying) to illness, though she returns to their home one last time in spirit:

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“The Stolen” moments with Qi Wei


Stephy Qi Wei (戚薇) returns to her musical roots with a brand new EP – The Stolen/失窃之物. Using her acting skill in the promotional microfilm set to the title song, Qi Wei proves once again her versatility as an actor. In this 3 part microfilm the character transitions from a cold-blooded gun-for-hire to a women in love and finally to someone who’ve lost everything dear to her. [Part 1 below, Part 2, Part 3]

Absolutely stunningly gorgeous stills of Qi Wei from The Stolen mircofilm series below the cut.
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Liu Xin Courageously Love “After Doomsday” in New Microfilm

When is world is coming to an end… Will you choose love or survival?

Directed by Chen Zhengdao and Ke Mengrong, the second microfilm from the “Beautiful 2012: Courageous Love” series produced by eeMedia/Youku “After Doomsday” starring eeMedia singer Liu Xin and Taiwanese model Edwin Gerard has been released via Youku. Zhang Jie also sang the theme song “So There is Nothing You Want” a cover of A-Mei’s original for this episode. Watch the trailer below and full episode here.

Watch the trailer via QiMoraynia@youtube

Episode one of the “Beautiful 2012: Courageous Love” series “Doomsday Caller” starring Zhu Zixiao and Chen Qiaoen is also available here.