Faye Wong and Chris Li Yuchun releases new music


How do Faye Wong, an undisputed diva of Asia, and Chris Li Yuchun, the controversial and popular “Asia’s Hero” relate to each other?

In a recent TV show, Zhang Yadong, one of the most distinguished music producers in China, and the man most associated with both’s music,  made the following comment comparing the two artists:

Those singers that everyone thinks is great, I really don’t see how great they are. Artists need their own style. Chris Li Yuchun is very similar to Faye Wong in many ways, especially in their unique musical personalities.

Zhang Yadong released the  first Chinese album that features a producer rather than a singer last month.  In the album, released on the internet only and titled “Ni Liu/flowing backwards,” Faye Wong sings song “I love you,” the theme song of a movie of the same name.  This is her first new song in over five years.

I love you – Faye Wong

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