The New Years Concerts

The whole Hunan TV show was uploaded at MyChineseDrama@yt. Part 1 here. For tons of pictures of the performers go here.

My favorite performance from Hunan: Yu Haoming + Liu Xijun – Bei Ji Xue

More vids of what happened at Taipei aiyatheydidnt has a great  post with most of those.

For Jiangsu TV no one really uploaded vids, so here’s Sina’s vid of my most anticipated performance from Jiangsu:

Joanna Wang out of semi-hiatus

Fayewongtoday has a post on Faye Wong attending her friend Na Ying‘s much anticipated New Year Concert.

Meteor Shower shows off Super Boys’ composings

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

Other than exceeding almost everyone’s expectations in terms of acting, scenery and script, Meteor Shower’s other big plus is its music. The OST also shows off eemedia’s composing talents by featuring at least two (possibly four) insert songs composed by their very own Wei Chen and Lu Hu.

Wei Chen is the co-composer/co-producer of his official insert song – “Replacement lover.” Lu Hu wrote the background vocal, which Wei Chen also sung. He also has another insert song called “Rain Marks” that he composed himself that’s not in the official OST but at a little after 3 minutes in this trailer. Lu Hu composed Zhang Han’s insert song, for which he is also the background vocalist. And if this trailer is an indication of the insert songs in the drama, the song at around 13 minutes is called “that idiot is me.” That song is also composed by Lu Hu, with Wei Chen writing the lyrics.

Wei Chen and Lu Hu aren’t the only Super Boys releasing self-compositions recently. Allen Su Xing also released his present for the 60th birthday of the PRC, named China China:
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Open Thread #3 – Let’s “Watch Meteor Shower Together”

cast all

They had time to climb the great wall but not dub themselves

This is going to be another open post, for discussion about the drama as it airs this Saturaday at 10:00pm Beijing Time on Hunan TV.

For those of us without Hunan TV (or friends who do that we can convince to “watch meteor shower together” with) but want to watch the drama live, the only way is through legal and not-so-legal online streaming sites. Here’s a compilation of ways to watch Meteor Shower online.

But before that, cfensi wants to pimp Brickwall, who is doing Chinese Paladin 3 recaps. Cfensi: She also recently finished up some great Black and White recaps as well.

1. TVU
This is the fastest online streaming of Hunan TV I know of. Cfensi and I watched the New Year’s show on here. You can download the software for free here, and then simply search for Hunan TV in the bar.

2. Mango TV
Mango TV is fairly fast and one of the more HQ video-streaming softwares. In addition to live streaming, it also has videos of older episodes of Hunan shows. This also requires a software download here.
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Open Thread # 2


Lu Yi, Yuan Quan and Chen Kun in Lian Ai Ba...Lu Yi got motion sickness

Just some quick new links:

Rumors fly about Chen Chusheng joining Hua Yi and singing The Message’s theme song

Huang Xiaoming, casted in Ip Man 2.

Obama quotes Yao Ming in US-China talk.

49 min preview of Meteor Shower is out at youtube.

EE Media goes on MV rage


no, you did not accidentally venture into a forbidden website. This was too awstrucking to not put up.

Along with H4&Xun, Xu Fei also went to Changsha to advertise for Meteor Shower, including the fanmeeting and  Happy Camp. She sings the ending theme song, which will be her upcoming EP. Watch it here. Also recently released are Zhang Jie’s MV for “Overheard” , Yu Haoming and Zheng Shuang’s Meteor Shower/Qing Hua Tong Fang iMini MV, and part of the Super Girls 2009 MV. The first has a good song and a good MV; the second has a cute MV, a sweet song, but unfit voices;  the third had everything except someone who could mix the girl’s voices together.

Zhang Jie’s theme for Overheard

Hunan TV takes up foreign diplomacy


If only the distribution of Hunan TV's viewers was like this.

After taking over entertainment from CCTV, Hunan TV seems to also be gaining increasing responsibility in foreign affairs in the TV world as it hosts everything from the CCP-KMT party forum to Chinese competitions for foreigners.

First up is the more entertaining competition. Chinese Bridge is a collaboration with the Chinese national Hanban committee. The preliminaries are hosted in various countries around the world, with the top winners going on Hunan TV for the finals, where they’ll make many Chinese ashamed at their lack knowledge of their own culture. Present at the opening ceremony of Chinese Bridge are , of course, the five boys who bridged cpop and  kpop and the four boys who hopefully will do even more for bridging Chinese entertainment and the rest of the world.

H4 without Xun:
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Trailers/MV for Meteor Shower, HSDS 2009, and Remembrance of Dreams Past

There’s a been a lot of television trailers coming out. Go below the cut for the other trailers, and  link to the first episode of a  show that was pretty high on the recap list.

Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2009

With this being the last in the Condor Trilogy that director Zhang Jizhong has yet to remake, anticipation has been high for this version of HSDS. Not really from me, because I’ve never really gotten into wuxia but after seeing the trailer  and the gorgeous cinematography that’s definitely changed. It’s shot so prettily! And then finally I will be able to shake off that feeling of shame at  being Chinese, and yet having no idea what the hell people are talking about when they discuss Jin Yong ‘s body of work. And I may be the only one who thinks this, but Deng Chao looks so hot in it.

Part 1 (Chinese tv trailers are long…too long for youtube)

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News Roundup 6/20/09 – 7/1/09


L-R Zhu Zixiao, Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Yu Haoming, and Wei Chen

Meteor Shower’s theme song was released featuring the voices of all four “Hua”. The soundtrack will feature the lovely voices of Wei Chen and Yu Haoming …and the voices of Zhang Han, Zhu Zixiao and Zheng Shuang. The series will be shown in early August on Hunan TV, after Always Smile! finishes airing.

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News Roundup 6/8/09 – 6/19/09

We’re going to start a news roundup of all the little bits of news that we don’t have the energy, time, or motivation to make full posts on. I wanted to start one before, but my inherent laziness made it seem like a project doomed to failure; We’re going to try again anyway because now we’re finding it harder to have the energy to make those full posts.

These links were found mostly by idarklight ….which is how it usually goes on behind the scenes of Cfensi. Except for the obvious parts by me, like where I start to whine about lack of Wang Yuexin activities again. WYX…you’re turning me into a whiner.


Yu Siyuan and B.I.Z


Yu Siyuan and Biz are back with their new single Zhan Fang, which  is making airwaves across China. Unfortunately no link, but here are the lyrics.

Chinese Paladin 3 OST is out. Though the album is a disappointed to most who loved the first OST, Blue Bird Flying Fish may make their lucky break as their song, “Ci Sheng Bu Huan,” was a general favorite. Listent to the OST here.

Huang Yali‘s first MV under Taiwanese company Linfair is out. The former Super Girl is one of the latest to benefit from the lifted restrictions on mainland artists in Taiwan.

Also releasing albums recently: Gary Cao, Peggy Hsu, Phoenix Legend, Tan Weiwei, Jerry Yan, and Lollipop. And maybe some artists I’ve forgotten (Don’t hate me!). I’ve linked to youtube accounts where you can listen to the album for some artists.

Mayday‘s DNA MV for their DNA tour is out. Watch it here.

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After boybands, come idol dramas?

Will HIT-5 be the first mainland boyband to star in idol dramas?

Are idol dramas a natural procession to boybands? HIT-5 hopes so

Anhui TV stated that it would invest in a drama that is a mix of Meteor Garden and Prince Turns Frog last week. According to the news article, the drama is mostly Taiwanese in nature, with its production team from Taiwanese CTV (which did the original Meteor Garden), but it will be purchased by Anhui TV. The producer stated that “Jerry Yan has already agreed to being the lead, though age is an issue.” The main actresses  was to be chosen between Chen Qiaoen and Jolin Tsai.

In a later article, Anhui TV corrected themselves by saying that it is an original script about a poor girl and two rich guys, though they will look to dramas like Meteor Garden and Prince Turns Frog for guidance. Furthermore, they might look to mainland for the supporting actors and actresses.  While the Meteor Garden rumor is definitely false, the rest could potentially be true, though still unlikely.  But then, Anhui TV has been mainland’s exclusive channel for Jungiery(Mingdao, Qiaoen) dramas. Continue reading