Meteor Garden still has no stills, but here are more photoshoots

The new F4 already going for a Japanese boyband aesthetic. Bets on if they’ll become a boyband?

The cast of New Meteor Garden may still be unknowns, but they’re already doing more photoshoots than most actors. They sure seem uniformly cute already. The drama is set for a summer Hunan TV release.

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BOBO’s future tasting delicious


With the onset of Top Combine, BOBO’s future looked seriously shaky as it began losing ground to Top Combine, who’s Hunan platform and own merits helped them to rise rapidly. Fortunately, as cfensi said earlier here, “Huayi has been slowly developing BOBO’s career in a much admirable fashion.”

Beginning with an endorsement for Pepsi’s Mirinda, a stamp of approval in itself, BOBO’s 2009 includes two movies, one similar to High School Musical and the other a “secret.” A new album (rumored to be with Avex), is also scheduled for June release. My analysis rant about BOBO’s future below the line.

English subbed BOBO by Swingsily. This is a plug-in for a new BOBO youtube channel co-owned by at least five people that’ll be providing you with BOBO in HQ and sometimes with English subs, like in the above video.

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New Year with the stars


ee media 2009 family portrait

Wang Leehom, Jolin Tsai, SJ-M, Mayday, Fish Leong, Zhang Liyin, Rene Liu, and the entire ee media family will all spend New Year’s Eve on Hunan tv and ctv’s new year countdown concert. Rumored guests include the new and original F4 as well as David Beckham. Continue reading