Music Monday: Girl Power

Some songs  I’ve been listening to :

  • Julia Wu’s 底线 Baseline by my favorite Chinese rnb producer terrytyelee
  • Miss Ko’s  English rap Started From Scratch. I hope she comes out with an all-English album like Joanna Wang.
  • Chen Li’s indie folk 奇妙能力歌 Mystical Powers Song with gorgeous lyrics
  • Chinese dance pop group Seven Sense 七朵组合 ‘s comeback single Green Snake 青蛇
  • Jiang Yingrong’s Why Not, mostly for how great she looks in the MV
  • Jeno Liu ft Bryan Rice’s Chinese and English duet Warrior
  • Meng Jia’s 给我乖 Drip from her first EP after leaving Miss A
  • Liu Qianyu’s bubbly Soda 
  • Li Sidanni wears the pants in her duet with Aifei, Bad Girls Need Love Too
  • Huang Luziying’s cute Ugly Duckling 美小鴨  MV

“One and a half summer” releases trailer

Look! The sky is falling!
Look! The sky is falling!

The first of a string of upcoming series starring  Korean boy/girlband members, One and a half summer 一又二分之一的夏天 features 2PM’s  Nickhun, Jiang JinfuXu Lu, and Miss A’s Meng Jia.  Set in Xiamen University (where Meteor Shower was filmed), the series tells of an ABC (Nickhun) who returns to China to seek a girl he had met. Along the way he meets the boyish Xu Lu and bff Jiang Jinfu, who is most recently comforting Victoria Song in upcoming series Adventures in Cocoon Town 茧镇奇缘.

The series is scheduled to air this summer on Dragon TV. Trailer below.