Picture of the Three Leading Ladies of “Mei Ren Xin Ji”


I don’t have much time, but I really wanted to post something happy so have a cute picture. Mei Ren Xin Ji (Schemes of a Beauty) may have tons and tons of guest stars including Qi Wei of the previous post,  Gong Mi of Cecilia Cheung look-a-like fame, and not to mention previously mentioned Yan Kuan, whose fans are currently getting together to send him a package to celebrate his 10th anniversary as an actor (send a message to everwinding@yt if you want to write him a note).

However, the three leading ladies, Yang Mi, Wang Likun, and of course  Ruby Lin, are its stars, and their camaraderie on set is depicted in this photo.  Filming just recently ended, on the 15th, and it is set to begin airing sometime in the first half of 2010. Ruby Lin looked like she had a blast leading the ensemble in all the pictures and I can’t wait to see what she did with the famous Empress Dou Yifang character (affectionately called Dou Dou on set).

Pictures of Yan Kuan in “Mei Ren Xin Ji”


This post is for the Yan Kuan lovers out there who commented on my only other post on him, and surprised me that people know him and love him despite not knowing any Chinese and not having subs for anything of his.  Since then, I’ve been paying more attention to his upcoming projects, and sadly there hasn’t been anything worth noting, not even this, Mei Ren Xin Ji, because he’s only a guest star, as a favor to his Shanghai Theatre Academy colleague Yu Zheng, the producer and scriptwriter of the series. But at least there are lots of nice pics with the lead actresses Ruby Lin and Wang Likun from his blog.


“Mei Ren Xin Ji” and “Di Ren Jie” Concept Art


Let’s indulge in one of my favorite aspects of the movie/drama making process which is the concept art (the non-CG concept art). There is a simple beauty in the sketches of the characters. A few strokes of a pencil, and it becomes the first visualization of a full-fledged character. “Mei Ren Xin Ji”  (translates roughly to Calculating Beauties) which is a 50 million yuan drama production revolving around three shrewd women, the much coveted lead role played by Ruby Lin, and two secondary female leads played byWang Likun (Infernal Lovers) and Yang Mi (Chinese Paladin 3).