Ten Most Anticipated Chinese Movies for Holiday Season

Just because China is a largely agnostic country doesn’t mean it doesn’t like its winter holidays, and while I doubt China celebrates Thanksgiving, around this time the streets in China are starting to get lined with Christmas decorations and it becomes a busy time for movies. This was actually a very weird year for the Chinese movie industry because of the Olympics, and much of the production activity was halted for China so I’m not sure how these movies would have been affected, but hopefully some of them will surprise me and hopefully some of them will live up to hype. Some of you may be wondering, am I actually on hiatus? I don’t know. I have a few more posts lined up though, so maybe not. :P


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It’s Official: Gillian Cheung cut from Mei Lan Fang


There was a lot of talk earlier that Gillian may be cut out of the movie, after her sex scandal with Edison Chen, and that Mei Lan Fang’s family did not want her associated with it any more. This movie had quite a cast, with Leon Lai, Zhang Ziyi, Sun Honglei and Masanobu Andou, and Gillian only had a small part. One that was easily removed, and now is.

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