Music Monday: December 14, 2015

Good Morning Beautifuls!! Nothing is better than starting the day with cute babies and a good song =) This week’s lineup includes some familiar faces, some all-grown-up baby-faces, and some heartbreaking OSTs.

But first Grace Jie Jie’s daddy Gary Chao (曹格) wants to tell children of the world that Life Is Beautiful (美丽人生). Both of Gary’s children, Joe and Grace, are featured in this MV. Aren’t they just precious? <3

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Music Monday: June 27, 2015

This is the first time where the leader kept switching places. It went from Zhang Bichen’s Nianlun to M.I.C.’s theme for the drama that is still never going to air before settling on Zhang Jie‘s Truth.    Also, I really need someone to convince me that Wang Hao is not planning to host drug parties because everything about his store from their slogan to logo to the trap music screams Chinese-entertainment-ban-for-life.

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Unexpected Collaboration: Chen Chusheng ft. MC Hotdog

Drunk 《醉》, featuring rapper MC Hotdog, is the second single from Chen Chusheng‘s (陈楚生) new album I Know You Are Not Far 《我知道你离我不远》.

The Huayi Music artist first rose to fame with his début single Has Anyone Told You 《有没有人告诉你》 after winning Super Boys 2007. Chen Chusheng’s last album Addiction 《瘾》 was in 2011, though many of his compositions were in Huayi Movies during this almost 3 year hiatus. The full album is available for listen on sina.

I thought I would never get drunk
Falling into this feeble defense
Chewing up those self-righteous dreams
Swallowing up the city’s petty lies

I thought I was flying high
I forgot that I was falling down
I need to shut my troublesome mouth
Hugging my stable legs for support

Let the rain pound against my face
Shaming this sinister mind
Never a follower
I must follow my own route
How can I care about these tiny injuries
I am not afraid of walking alone in the dark
Loneliness allows me to hear my inner voice
I buried my youth on this uneven road
I am willing – I accept
The sin of self-righteousness

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