“Wine Beauty” ft. cast from Mainland/TW/HK

Wine Beauty Cast Wine Beauty Cast

Never expected this cast

Wine Beauty tells the story of the new successor to a wine dynasty, Chen Yiman (Myolie Wu), and her struggle to keep the family business going and prove her worth. She falls in love and marries Zhao Xi (Mao Zijun of Qing Shi Huang Fei) only to be left at the altar by him. During this time Zhao Xi’s first love Lin Xuan (Li Sheng) appears in town looking for him. As luck would have it, instead of meeting her boyfriend, she literally runs into Chen Zihao (Roy Chiu). Now a lead singer of a rock & roll band, Chen Zihao, gave up his inheritance to his cousin Chen Yiman to pursue his love of music. With so much entanglement how will this end?

Watch trailer and view character poster below.
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