Promo Round-up: I Only Like You

I Only Like You / Le Coupe de Foudre stars Wu Qian (The Brightest Star in the Sky) and Zhang Yujian (The Plough Department of Song Dynasty) as a pair of sweethearts who breakup during high school and rekindle their romance as adults.

The 35 episode web drama streams 2 eps every Monday to Wednesday on Tencent and Youku.

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Wu Qian, Zhang Yujian confirmed for feel-good romance drama I Only Like You

I Don’t Like the World, I Only Like You is being adapted into a drama, which has taken on the shorter name of I Only Like You Le Coup De Foudre 我只喜欢你.  Wu Qian (A Life Time Love) plays the female lead, while Zhang Yujian (best known for his role as Prince Jing’s subordinate in Nirvana in Fire) plays her husband Yan Mo.

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