Music Monday: Battle of the Bands

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

I know, I know, we’ve been behind on music, but real life is full of White Pears  鸭梨 (Pressure).  To make it up, here are some new releases from boybands(Top Combine, M.I.C., Uniq), girlbands(Seven Sense), normal bands (Mayday), and ex-band members (Han Geng, JL’s Jason, RTA’s Liu Junling, and Da Zhang Wei).


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“Single Ladies” Come and Take a Look at MIC


The first promotional single from the new album is a remake of Single Ladies by Remady & Manu L ft J-Son. The Chinese, or MIC’s version, is produced by MIC and penned by Yuahan, Yao Yao, and Xiao Xin. Hopefully, with the release of the album, we’ll be seeing more of MIC on talk shows in the upcoming months.

Yao Yao is currently away filming a military drama, even though his first drama still haven’t aired yet. The rest of the members will be busy preparing for the musical (?) “Stealing Stars on a September Day” with Hong Chen. [1]

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Weibo Wednesday: May 22, 2013

高圆圆: 十五年,时间在流逝,青春在流逝,baby fat在流逝……但是友谊存,有增无减,一辈子的好姐妹![哈哈]@刘希媛real @江玲611 @许还幻

Fifteen years. Time’s flowing, youth is leaving, baby fat is losing …… but friendship remains, only increasing and not decreasing. Good sisters for life! @Liu Xiyuaan @Jiang Ling @Xu Haihuan

Gao Yuanyuan and co. shows that they haven’t aged at all in 15 years by striking a pose similar to a photo from 15 years ago, except they all look younger.

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Weibo Wednesday: April 17-24

Celebrities flocked to Weibo this week in order to call followers’ attention to the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Ya’an on April 20th. Whether it was sharing ways to help, urging fans to donate their money or time, or simply posting words of comfort, a bunch of stars made noteworthy Weibo posts. We unfortunately can’t reproduce all of them, but hopefully we’ve gotten some of the more memorable ones.

Please keep the people of Ya’an in your thoughts!

何炅: 刚刚看到的图,和大家分享,我们为美丽的四川加油!

Not sure who first came up with the idea for this photo, but He Jiong posted it on his Weibo, along with a message of support:

I just saw this picture, and want to share it with everyone. Let’s jiayou for the beautiful Sichuan!

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YinYueTai’s 1st Awards Show

Look! It's Chinese, It's English, it's bilingual logo!

Look! It’s Chinese, It’s English, it’s bilingual logo!

Yinyuetai have been steadily gaining love from fans since it’s opening in 2009 due to its high definition MVs and reliance. The legal music video promotion site have also gained much support from music professionals; not only are the MVs legally uploaded by the company, but fans can also use the site to share fancams of their favorite eye-candy. After realizing the popularity of the weekly/monthly V-Chart ranking among fans, yinyuetai decided to have a REAL award show (where artists actually go on stage and perform and accept awards in front of fans!)

In a music award show the performance is always the best part! So let’s start off with some cute and pretty fluffs:

Popu Lady, who were probably present to represent their shijie S.H.E (Best Group Award for TW/HK region) performed Lady First from their debut EP. The performance by the ladies is followed by the equally pretty boys from TimeZ and the party boys from MIC. Continue reading

MIC’s Big Win @ HKAMF


Is this “Hangover III” in the making?

The 3rd Annual Asian-Pop Music Festival was held in Hong Kong on the 22nd. MIC participated in the new-comer category as Mainland representative. During the first round, MIC performed their singles “Get it Hot” and “Hangover II“, placing them in the top 3 for the final round. They were also award with the “Popularity Award” and “Best Stage Performance Award” in this round. The boys performed acapella version of “American Pie” followed by a dance break. Congratulation to the boys for winning “Asia’s Best New Rising Star” at The Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival this year.

Watch the performance below (I love it when they do acappella =)

Source: xinhua, MIC Weibo