Sun Li, Luo Jin play real estate agents in upcoming modern drama

Your Home Is My Business 卖房子的人 is loosely based on the Japanese drama of the same name and stars Sun Li as Fang Sijin, a real estate agent manager who has her own creative way of selling properties. The story begins in earnest when the heroine is sent to help save a failing real estate office branch managed by Xu Wenchang (Luo Jin).

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Promo Round-up: The Way We Were

Starring Tang Yan and Luo Jin, The Way We Were focuses on Chinese students studying abroad at Stanford, and the struggles they face in a foreign environment.

There’s also an anti-corruption subplot, as the male lead’s father, played by veteran Wang Zhiwen, is a shady politician who engages in criminal activity with a corrupt businessman (Zhang Xilin). The heroine’s father successfully brings him to court, and the heroine is summoned as a key witness. The 50 episode drama begins airing tonight.

Theme song: Not Forgetting For A Moment by Tian Yuan

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Tang Yan, Luo Jin’s upcoming romance drama The Way We Were releases trailer

The Princess Weiyoung costars and real-life couple Tang Yan and Luo Jin are in the last stages of filming for The Way We Were, an upcoming Romeo and Juliet-esque romance drama that focuses on the lives of international students in the US.

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Luo Jin, Zheng Shuang confirmed for heartwarming romance drama

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Luo Jin (The Princess Weiyoung) and Zheng Shuang (Beauty Private Kitchens) will be playing first loves and then husband and wife in Love the Whole World 为了你我愿意热爱整个世界, based on the novel of the same name by Tangjia Sanshao.

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The Gods has another trailer

Keep getting mixed feelings about this drama…

The Gods has released stills.  Starring Luo Jin, Wang Likun, Tang Yixin, Yu Hewei, and Zhang Bo, it’s been a while since we’ve posted about this production so here’s a look into it..

More stills below the cut.

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Impending release for The Princess Weiyang

It’s nice how this production balanced between releasing too much and too little content leading up to airing.

The Princess Weiyang (Weiyoung) is going to air on November 11th.  Starring Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Li Xin’ai, Mao Xiaotong, and Liang Zhenlun, hopefully this means that other dramas will also start coming out soon.

More stills below the cut.
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The Princess Weiyang aims for release

I’m kind of glad this costume seems to only play a part in a short portion in the beginning…

The Princess Weiyang (Weiyoung) is aiming for a release on November 11th.  Starring Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Li Xin’ai, Mao Xiaotong, and Liang Zhenlun, I’m surprised this drama came out so quickly..

More stills below the cut.
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