Music Monday: November 12, 2013

O.M.G. let’s get this week’s Music Monday party started Party King (派对之王). The group is make up of L.E.D Duan Lian (段炼) and Tiger Zhu Chenyao (朱乘瑶). The guests for this party includes Girl groups Lotte Girls and Lunar, Boybands 0086 and HOPE, fierce female rapper Namigirl, and many more.
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Music Monday: July 8, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Music Monday is back!! *applause* But it’s going to be a short one, because I didn’t have time to look up each song’s background info like I used to, hope you guys don’t mind.

This week we have Hu Xia trying to confess his feeling to a friend, Chen Xiang getting slapped by the girl he loves, Sun Jian waiting for his princess to arrive, sensitive Li Daimo going crazy from loneliness, Zhang Yixiao getting jealousy and envious and hateful, Yang Jin describing her love as a lemon tree, Xian Zi realizing her mistake, Yan Dong is a weird but confident homebody, and girl group Lunar making a confession.

Lets start with the song that’s been making headlines due to Super Boy.
Zuo Yi performed Song Dongye‘s “Miss Dong” for his audition, turning the underground song into a mainstream hit. Listen to the original artist performing the song on TTXS. Continue reading