Lu Keran’s modern wuxia shoot is full of inspired details

The Chinese brushstroke eyeshadows are so tastefully done. It’s probably one of the best “Chinese-inspired” makeup photoshoots I’ve seen in a while.

I know, I know, the modern wuxia theme has been done to the death, so much that my last two photo posts were both “Chinese-styled”. Despite being less famous, this one featuring Lu Keran is actually my favorite in a long time. Perhaps unbound by the restrictions bigger magazines and stars have, this one by photographer Han Xinlu is choked full of inspired design choices that I can’t help but be impressed.

I love how her rosy cheeks feel as if they’re from a brush against the flower. It’s hard not to think of Chen Man when you see Miao-styled silver hats and rouge, but this photo manages to be completely different.
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THE9 practice rooms round-up

Occasionally THE9 dances to remind us that they’re not just a MMA group who can easily chokehold one of the strongest men on The Irresistible

I’m still bitter that THE9 hasn’t had a single official practice room dance together, but here’s a round-up of my favorite covers recently.

First up, my bias Lu Keran. Her dancing style and personality is so unique and captivating in every aspect. She has the most sensual dancing style in THE9, but she’s also the shyest. She’s the most babied, the most bullied, but she also can beat everyone up (literally).

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Top 10 Youth With You 2 Stages

A round-up of my top ten stages for Youth With You 2. The show had it’s ups and downs and really dropped the ball on the collaboration stage, but it still has some of my favorite Chinese boy/girl group stages in years. It pains me to know that there isn’t yet a sufficient system for performers in China for so many talents in front and behind the camera to create stages this beautiful more often.

10. Mama Group A is the most well-rounded group of the whole competition that might be better than whatever team that debuts. It has the best vocalist of the show (Xu Xinwen), the most performative rapper of the show (Xie Keying), a great dancer (Lu Keran), a slightly weaker all-arounder in Jin Zihan, and an all-ace all-arounder in Wei Chen. All five members are versatile. They all have unique looks and personalities that nevertheless are harmonized together. My only complaint is their hair and make-up makes it hard for them to give good face.

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