Promo Round-Up: Winter Begonia

Not only is Winter Begonia a rare Yu Zheng drama to not use dubbing, but Yin Zheng and co. will do much of their own singing of the opera parts.

Starring Huang Xiaoming and Yin Zheng, bromance + peking opera drama Winter Begonia will begin releasing episodes on iQiyi tonight. Charmaine Sheh costars as Huang Xiaoming’s jealous wife.

An accompanying show will tell the story behind each of the Peking Opera pieces in the show. It’ll be hosted by Peking Opera artist Wang Peiyu, who is perfect for this. She did a podcast doing something similar and it was entertaining and informative even for the casual listener.

Teaser ; Peking Opera special ; Character Posters ; Stills; Stills 2

Theme song by Lu Hu, with opera parts by Yin Zheng and Huang Xiaoming
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Li Yifeng, Li Xiaolu, Yang Mi in first of Ancient Sword MV’s

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.33.01 PM

“Come out, damned spot! Out, I command you! “

Upcoming super cast Legend of Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭 released the first of a series of songs.   This theme to one of the two titular characters,  Baili Tusu (nicknamed Susu), is sung by Li Yifeng and written by Lu Hu. The MV  focuses on Susu’s relationship with his mother (Li Xiaolu) and love interest (Yang Mi).

In addition, the OST cast has been announced to feature an all-star cast of Anson Hu, Yu Kewei, Jeff Chang, and Zhang Jie. I can see this easily being one of the best OST’s outside of ee-Media.

The title of the song, 剑伤 (literally Sword Wounds), is a double reference to wounds caused by the Sword and wounds of the Sword as embodied by Li Yifeng’s character.

Music Monday: July 22, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This week’s Music Monday includes HIT-5 in a sleepless city, Lu Hu being lazy on a rainy day, Li Wei enjoying his life, Wu Yi reluctant to forget something, Chae Yeon singing a sad song in Chinese, Ah Si eating fried chicken, Qi Ya stalking people on campus for her MV, Sun Jian and Li Daimo being depressed, and a song about legend of a mermaid.

After 15 years together, Yu Quan is still the most beautiful.
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Weibo Wednesday: May 8-May 15

A 54-foot-tall inflatable duck arrived in Hong Kong earlier this month, though it unfortunately had to be deflated after a while due to strong winds. It’s all JJ Lin‘s fault.

林俊杰: 對不起,我不是故意嚇你的

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you

Ah well, at least he put up this really cute post to celebrate Mother’s Day:

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Lu Hu Composes for Top Combine’s 1st Album

TC: Thanks Lu Hu...sorry you haven't gotten your own album yet. It's not our fault...we Love you dearly though. Ma Xueyang: Hey I composed a hit song for these guys too, don't look at me

Tian Yu/eeMedia really hit the jackpot when they signed on Superboy Lu Hu. Despite not having the best voice, he  so far has composed hits for his fellow  Wei Chen, Jiang Yingrong, and Zhang Jie, and has induced many members of the eeMedia family to also begin composing. Now for Top Combine’s comeback, he wrote their first single, “Qi Tian Da Cheng”, which alludes to the most internationally recognized  of China’s Four Classics Journey to the West, and the “Monkey King” choreography reflects that theme. In addition traditional Chinese instruments were used, such as the pipa.

Top Combine ‘s 1st Live Performance of new song “Qi Tian Da Cheng”

Lyrics below, and the original Journey to the West themesong for nostalgic reasons.

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Jiang Yingrong sings Beat the Mic Themesong

I don’t have much time to make a real post, but here’s a have a fun song for the weekend and relax. Even though the lyrics about someone who doesn’t sing well wanting to sing anyway don’t fit Jiang Yingrong very well, they fit me perfectly, and I’ve been singing along to this quite often this week, especially the parts that are Peking Opera influenced, and yes, there was some air erhu playing.

The song was by composed and written by Lu Hu. <3 Lyrics below in Chinese . I wish I had the time to translate them because they are awesome. Nepheliad translated them below in the comments! Yay!

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Meteor Shower shows off Super Boys’ composings

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

Other than exceeding almost everyone’s expectations in terms of acting, scenery and script, Meteor Shower’s other big plus is its music. The OST also shows off eemedia’s composing talents by featuring at least two (possibly four) insert songs composed by their very own Wei Chen and Lu Hu.

Wei Chen is the co-composer/co-producer of his official insert song – “Replacement lover.” Lu Hu wrote the background vocal, which Wei Chen also sung. He also has another insert song called “Rain Marks” that he composed himself that’s not in the official OST but at a little after 3 minutes in this trailer. Lu Hu composed Zhang Han’s insert song, for which he is also the background vocalist. And if this trailer is an indication of the insert songs in the drama, the song at around 13 minutes is called “that idiot is me.” That song is also composed by Lu Hu, with Wei Chen writing the lyrics.

Wei Chen and Lu Hu aren’t the only Super Boys releasing self-compositions recently. Allen Su Xing also released his present for the 60th birthday of the PRC, named China China:
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Meteor Shower cast completes with its own Tiger

Charming, young, handsome and definitely talented, “Tiger cub” Lu Hu announced on his blog last week that he’ll be joining the cast of Meteor Shower. A closer look at Lu Hu and a belated introduction of the full cast (for now) of Meteor Shower.

Demos of three unreleased songs by Lu Hu

Lu Hu is what one might call the unlucky 13th. One of the most prolific, if not the best, songwriters in Super Boys(Wang Yuexin says Lu Hu has written “enough songs for four albums”), Lu Hu has released exactly two of his own songs.  Sure, many of his songs has made it into other people’s albums and voices : Wei Chen’s “Lunatic’s wish” and  “Little Happiness,” Huang Yali’s “Yellow Little Flower,” Zhang Jie’s “Disappear,” and many theme songs for events and variety shows, but it’s hard to not notice Lu Hu’s lack of his own works.

Daddy mommy goes to work – lyrics and music by Lu Hu

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