Characters for The Last Supper revealed


With darker costumes and a solid cast, this movie strives to realistically paint a chapter from history.

More than a year after Daniel Lee’s White Vengeance was released, director Lu Chuan’s take on the famous feast of Hong gate will finally be released on November 29 (most likely this doesn’t have much significance to you, since unless you’re in China, it is very unlikely you will be able to watch a copy.) The film, somewhat ominously titled The Last Supper in English, stars Liu Ye as Liu Bang (founder of my favorite Han dynasty), Daniel Wu as Xiang Yu, Cheng Chen as Han Xin, and Qin Lan as an incredibly aged Lv Zhi. Daniel Wu, like Feng Shaofeng, thought that he needed to build himself up more for the role of Xiang Yu – so he did, and ate a lot. Earlier in the year, the men of the movie did a photoshoot with Esquire; look here to see them look spiffy in modern costume (it’s an Esquire shoot; that should give you a hint on what type of photoshoot it is). Lu Chuan did a lot of research for this series; look below the cut to see the character posters for the major players. Dramatic stills of the series can be seen hereContinue reading

Liu Ye Ties the Knot in Both Traditional Chinese and French/Jewish Style


Can you spot Nanking! Nanking! director and best man Lu Chuan in this picture?

One of the first articles that I posted on this site was actor Liu Ye stating that he and his girlfriend,  Anais Martane  would marry, “soon”, and that they would do it in both a traditional French and Chinese style . Well nearly a year later, Liu Ye has kept that promise, and pictures from the ceremonies (both of them) show the bride and groom as happy as can be.

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The 12th Shanghai International Film Festival Wraps Up


Sorry, this list is rather randomly organized. OK, now it’s organized.

Tang Yan of the upcoming Stormriders 2 movie (and the CP3 and Pandamen series), posted up pics of her at the ceremony on her blog, along with goofy self-cam pre-redcarpet. This is the only eye-candy related news I have, sorry.

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Various Photoshoots


Fan Bingbing recently graced the cover of ELLE magazine, who labeled 2009 as the “Year of Fan Bingbing Movies”, a very apt description. Fan Bingbing starred or will be starring in 7 movies: Shinjuku Incident, Sophie’s Revenge, Wheat, Bodyguards and Assassins, East Wind. Rain, Future Cops and an unnamed one. She’ll also be starring her own production, the drama ,The Last Night of Madame Chin.

We’re including in this post as well, several other photoshoots that we found pretty, but were too lazy to make their own separate posts for. There’s He Zhuoyan who idarklight likes, from the upcoming HSDS adaptation, Sun Feifei, a tv actress who most people seem to like, and Ma Tianyu who we’re curious to see act and pass judgement on. And then there’s Zhang Ziyi, and the director/cast for Nanking! Nanking! who we thank for already giving us ample to  pass judgement on.

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Nanking succeeds at the office but fails in history

Lu Chuan's the only one smiling because he's the only one that benefited from this movie.

Lu Chuan's the only one smiling because only he's the only one that benefited from this movie.

Lu Chuan’s highly publicized film Nanking!Nanking!, also known as The City of Life and Death in English, received huge successes at the box offices. In 10 days, box office sells reached 110million yuan, making Lu Chuan the fifth Chinese director to earn over 100 million yuan with a film. Despite huge commercial successes, the film received huge amounts of criticisms.

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Nanking Massacre films to hit the theaters in April


Both H.Y. Brothers’  John Rabe and Lu Chuan’s Nanking! Nanking (also known as City of Life and Death) have been approved to be aired in China in late April.

Lu’s film looks at the massacre from the perspectives of a Chinese soldier, a Japanese soldier and a foreign missionary. The censors assessed the film over a period of five months, and a couple of violent scenes had to be revised.

Oscar-winning German helmer Florian Gallenberger‘s biopic about Nazi party member John Rabe, who saved hundreds of thousands of lives by setting up a safe area in the city during the attack, will be released on April 28, Tang Jingting of Huayi Brothers confirmed.

source: variety

John Rabe trailer:
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Nanking! Nanking! : China Begins to Look at Own Holocaust


Why was a Holocaust with a death count of hundreds of thousands a forgotten one? And why is it being remembered now? While this subject has often been placed into the realm of political sentiment, at the heart of it is simply a matter of finding self-identity from the past.

China fifty years ago after the Holocaust was burdened by the toll that Qing dynasty decay, WWII, and a devastating civil war took on it, in no shape to ask for any sort of remembrance for the victims of the massacres. Also, unlike the Jews after World War II, China was communist and thus could not receive help in this matter from abroad. Thus fifty years passed while China tried to rebuild itself with far more pressing matters to think about than the past. Only the present and future mattered. However, recently China has gotten to a economic state where she has the luxury of remembering this forgotten Holocaust.

Recently a string of movies have been made about this subject; as the Chinese movie industry grows, more and more Chinese directors have wanted to tackle it. The newest is perhaps the most promising yet…Nanking! Nanking! by Lu Chuan, starring Liu Ye and Gao Yuanyuan.

Trailer for Nanking! Nanking! (opens this summer)

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