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Only in China does the audience vote on whether the lead should have an abortion.

Once again spearheading innovations in TV, Hunan TV made another bold move by streaming the finale of their latest weekly series, Love’s Maternity Unit 爱的妇产科,  live.  Not only was the filming streamed live, the ending was based on live voting by fans as the finale was being aired. The first part of the 2-hour-finale was pre-filmed. Meanwhile, the final climax,  the main character (Zhu Dan)’s decision to give birth to a child at huge risk  or to have an abortion, was  live steamed, with her final decision being based on the voting.

The show is the first of a series of unconventional  series by Hunan TV to air during its unconventional  slot.  Coming up is a multi-serial series, “The Queen has arrived 女王驾到,” which includes four independent  chapters by four directors centered around four independent women.   Following that will be another rarity – a modern musical series with over 50 original scores in addition to covers. This is concluded by another film-while-you-go sit-com.