Round-up of current filming dramas

Eleanor Lee and Zhao Yiqin seeks the throne in Replacement Princess

A round-up of currently filming dramas, mostly detective procedurals and  rom-coms,  without their own posts yet.  Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

Replacement Princess 冒牌太子妃
Starring: Eleanor Lee, Zhao Yiqin
The rise to power of a free-spirited bandit who somehow stumbles into marriage with the Crowned Prince.
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Weibo Wednesday: November 20, 2013

Apologies for the lack of normal Weibo Wednesdays in the past… month. If I could spend more time each day scrolling through Weibo for memorable posts, I definitely would, but unfortunately, that’s not what I get paid to do! But we do have a deluge of goodies from the past month, so full speed ahead!

井柏然: 我想和你好好的.必须得看阿2ni@倪妮V

Jing Boran showed his support for real-life couple Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni‘s first feature film together, Love Will Tear Us Apart (我想和你好好的), calling it a must-watch. Jing Boran and Ni Ni will soon star together in Up in the Wind (等风来), a film about two unlikely friends’ search for happiness, which eventually leads them to Nepal. Up in the Wind opens in theaters on December 29th. Forever LOLing at the person trying to sneak a pic of Ni Ni with their Minion phone in this photo below.

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Ni Ni, looking for the 8th prince?

Look at all the pretty little details on her costume!

I was excited when I saw this; but unfortunately, this isn’t a still from a new period piece for Ni Ni; it’s actually from her upcoming movie Love Will Tear Us Apart. (She stars with her real-life boyfriend Feng Shaofeng). These stills have prompted some netizens to joke that Ni Ni is looking for Eighth Prince. It seems that at some point, her character will be part of a Qing dynasty drama? She and Feng Shaofeng were purportedly still in the honeymoon stage when filming the movie, which made for great chemistry.

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Stills released from Ni Ni, Feng Shaofeng’s upcoming Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Chinese title actually means “I want to live happily with you,”but the English title is “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Well, so be it…

Real-life couple Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni will appear as lovers in their upcoming movie (to be released on the 12th!), 我想和你好好的Love Will Tear Us Apart. In a meeting between a broken down car and a Lamborghini, white collar worker Jiang Liangliang (Feng Shaofeng) and his young girlfriend Miao Miao (Ni Ni) meet for the first time. Miao Miao is a lovely and whimsical girl, whiile Liangliang’s gentleness allows them to enter a honeymoon stage, where love pours like a river. The two live together and share a pleasant, sweet life, but Liangliang secretly meets up with an “ex-girlfriend,” exchanges ambiguous texts with a female co-worker, goes to a nightclub with his friend, and gives Miaomiao great feelings of insecurity. She thinks of everything she can to control Liangliang’s movements, but Liangliang is unable to withstand such “limitations,”and Miaomiao ultimately disappears with  her mad love*(mad is their description, not mine…) Ten years later, Liangliang still has his cellphone from that year. One morning, he wakes up to receive a call…Stills below the cut.

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