Wang Kai: Work Hard and You’ll Sleep With the One You Love


“Comfort is for the dead.” – Wang Kai

Oh, Wang Kai, how do I describe thee?  He’s the only young drama actor I know who has never had someone else dub for him in a drama (minus a brief dub-over by Jin Dong when his character sung opera in The Disguiser).  Be it the flaming director in Ugly Wudi,   the rugged soldier who murders for love in A Murder Beside Yanhe River,  the metro detective in New Detective Squad, the teary-eyed officer in All Quiet in Peking,  the Prince who risked his life for the truth in Nirvana in Fire, or the traitor, the revolutionary, the secretary, the assassin, the smuggler, and the miser in The Disguiser,   Wang Kai has successfully portrayed a string of characters with vastly different personalities, slipping under the radar until this fall.

Marked by a rare honesty (he will respond to literally any question), here are a few selected interview responses to him.  He’s actually a lot more silly in interviews than the translations imply.

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Battle of psychopaths in “Love Me If You Dare”

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.39.39 PM

Based on this screen-cap alone, I think this show might overtake Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser for best title sequences of the year.

Wallace Huo and Zhang Luyi put on a battle of a  split-personality psychopath and a more conventional psychopath (as conventional as psychopaths gets)  in the latest trailer of romantic detective thriller Love Me If You Dare.  Poor Ma Sichun and Wang Kai are caught in the battle as both are taken as hostages at some point. This marks the third drama where Wang Kai gets shot/stabbed in the shoulder, twice by his best friend, once by his dad, and once by himself to warn his best friend.  The show airs two episodes per week beginning today (October 15). Watch it on YouTube here.

Author Ding Mo has two more similar detective romances set for adaptation, If snails could love 如果蜗牛有爱情 by Shandong TV and Stuff My Heart 美人馅  by Yu Zheng. Yu Zheng tried to get Jin Dong for the latter and got so brutally rejected that his heart shattered like glass (actual words used by Yu Zheng).  Let’s just hope he doesn’t go Wang Manchun after this heartbreak..

“Love Me If You Dare”, Wallace Huo the criminal psychologist is coming


Are you excited for what could be mainland’s most intense idol drama in years?

Imagine  Wallace Huo as Sherlock but with an evil alter ego and heterosexual, Ma Sichun as Watson but with less fighting abilities,  Zhang Luyi  as Hannibal x Moriarty and totally obsessed with freeing his soulmate (Wallace Huo’s character’s alter ego),  and Wang Kai as Lestrade but younger, more handsome, more competent,  and with a deep, husky voice.

Long known for their tight-woven plots of espionage interwoven with heartfelt tales of  love, Shandong TV is coming out with their first modern idol drama – Love Me If You Dare 他来了,请闭眼 (literally He’s Coming, Close Your Eyes) .   The drama is scripted by Hai Yan of the Nirvana in Fire and directed by Kong Sheng.

Watch the official trailer released today and be excited for October!

P.S. Is anyone watching Shandong’s The Disguiser? If my interests in Nirvana in Fire was 100 % before, it’s about 200%  now.