520 Promos Rounds-Up

Love is Sweet – Bai Lu X Luo Yunxi

Today is yet another day of celebrating romance in China, so here’s a round-up all the posters of cute people staring cutely at each other.

Also, another MV for Love and Redemption, which still has no release date despite having several MV’s already.

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Dilraba romances Huang Jingyu in Love Advanced Customization

Dilraba as Zhou Fang

Love Advanced Customization 爱情高级定制 stars Dilraba as a career-oriented fashion designer and Huang Jingyu as an e-commerce entrepreneur. The drama is tentatively scheduled for a May broadcast on Hunan TV.

15 sec TV spot from last year:

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Trailer and posters round-up: 2020 Hunan TV dramas

The official poster simply has ‘Ming Dynasty’ as the English title – it’s going to be a pain sifting through Google searches using that title…

Hunan TV has released previews for some of its 2020 shows. Do note that schedules and even broadcasters are subject to change due to updates to censorship policy and budget. Which dramas are you looking forward to most?

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