Will sci-fi disaster Warriors of the Future be Hong Kong’s Wandering Earth?

With giant mechas, alien invasions, and a planet to save, will Warriors of Future be a milestone for Hong Kong sci-fi?

When a meteor strikes the Earth in 2055, an alien biological plant is rapidly growing,  killing all other life along with its spread. The fate of the Earth depends on a team of elite forces who must battle both alien and homegrown attacks.

An ambitious launch for Hong Kong-based special effects firm  天下一 One Cool,  science-fiction disaster film Warriors of Future 明日战记 released its first official trailer (on top of a previous teaser trailer) recently.  Directed by award-winning visual efects supervisor Ng Yuen Fai (Tai Chi Zero, Painted Skin), the film stars Louis Koo, Sean Lau,   Carina Lau, Nick Cheung Ka-fai, and Tse Kwan-ho.

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League of Gods releases teasers

League of Gods 3D封神榜 or the new movie version of Investiture of the Gods has released a teaser.  Starring Jet Li, Tony Leung Ka-faiLouis KooHuang XiaomingAngelababyFan BingbingWen Zhang, and Jacky Heung, those interested can check it out on July 29th.  Teaser 2 here.

Happy Holidays from “The Inspector Calls”


He sees you when you’re asleep, he knows when you’re awake, he’s not Santa Claus, just a detective on coke.

Okay, so it’s past Christmas, but since it’s still the holidays (Happy New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s, depending on your location!), here’s a cute set of posters and a few stills from comedy director Raymond Wong’s latest holiday flick, An Inspector Calls 神探驾到. The film stars Louis Koo, Zhang Han, Donnie Yen,  Eric Tsang, Karena Ng, Chrissie Chau, and Liu Yan.
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Louis Koo donates 49 schools, 20 health centers, 50 wells in 3 years


Louis Koo saving the world, one child at a time.

I don’t usually post stuff on Hong Kong stars since they’re fairly well-covered, but I couldn’t let this one go, especially since Hong Kong stars get more gossip than love translated.

News just came out that Louis Koo has silently donated to build 49 schools in addition to over 20 health center and 50 wells over the past three years After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the actor set up a foundation focused on helping kids in remote areas. The foundation not only donates to build, but also sends people to monitor the status of the facilities to insure the safety of the construction. This large number was not widely published until netizens compiled a list of all the schools that are named after him.

When Apple Daily contacted him to ask for his motivation for the donations, he told them that “If we can help people, why not? As long as I can, I’ll continue to help. I don’t think it’s much to talk about. ”

source: iktv

Daniel Wu and Xu Jinglei: What are they up to now?


Xu Jinglei and Daniel Wu, who have worked together before in the movie Shinjuku Incident teamed up for a magazine (unnamed) shoot.  I was going to put this in the News Roundup, but since both have so much going on professionally, it was a nice chance to talk about their upcoming projects. Sorry for such a lame post title.

Daniel Wu sums up Xu Jinglei: “She’s like a detective story…the more you get to know her, the more interesting she becomes”. Which could be true and not just random flattery. She seems sort of bland in interviews to me, but her work is so interesting. She’s gotten great leading roles as an actress, directed award-winning movies, had the #1 most read blog in the world, and started an e-Magazine for working women. So what is she doing next that combines her lauded talents and her girl power attitude? You’ll never guess…

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The 28th Hong Kong Film Awards


Of the four promotional posters for this event (best director, actress, actor, newcomer), I decided to use the one for best newcomer, because Xu Jiao (CJ7) looks so adorable in the center

The eligible films are those where two of the following occur: the director is a Hong Kong resident, at least one film company is registered in Hong Kong, and at least six persons of the production crew are Hong Kong residents.

And the winners are…

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Thank You to all the Chinese Celebs giving to Charity Recently


I just read about Louis Koo, who after going to Sichuan in July to help with Earthquake relief went back to Hong Kong and decided to establish the Louis Koo Charitable Foundation to help society in need. This charity finally got the license yesterday. He’s not the only one who’s been doing things lately. Huang Xiaoming, Vicky Zhaowei, Sun Li, Jet Li, power couple Li Yapeng and Faye Wong all have been recently. I think part of growing, growing to be an accountable society requires things like this.

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