Liu Meilin Sings in the Stairway… Again

Liu Meilin

Liu Meilin 刘美麟, the newest member of Show City Times, revealed a second MV from her debut album Should or Should Not Grow Up 该不该长大. The MV for the single Stairway is perhaps a tribute to the singer’s roots – Liu Meilin was discovered after a video of her singing Faye Wong’s Because of Love in a stairway was posted online. You can watch the MV for the title song here, and her cover of The Little Match Girl here.

Music Monday: May 27, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

You know you’re getting old when half of the singers on your playlist are younger than you. This week’s Music Monday features a total of 7 post-90s groups/singers. But first Bibi…

Vase and Flower 花樽与花”, the bonus track on Bibi Zhou‘s new album UNLOCK, is the Cantonese version of her single “Secret Friends 密友”. The MV is produced by Bibi’s newly established studio, Begins Studio.

This week I’m trying out soundcloud for the first time for recently released mp3 Continue reading